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Comment: Netware was evil (Score 1) 321 321

I once built a Windows NT 4 system image that used an older version of a Novell Netware driver that was incompatible with the newer version of Netware that the file servers were using.

It seemed to work fine on the master system that I built, but after that image got deployed to 50 classroom computers it flooded the network with garbage traffic and caused the entire University network (about 500 computers at the time) to crash. It took the network team about two days to figure out what the problem was.

Comment: Re:Apple (Score 1) 44 44

Apple isn't stupid enough to invest a ton of R&D in this yet.

They'll wait for someone to make a clunky but functional prototype that still has some usability issues first, and then make a pretty and easier to use version of that. Then they'll let their marketing machine convince their fan base that it's the most revolutionary thing since... well... the last Apple product that came out.

Apple is really good at this. They did it laptops, then smartphones, then tablets, and most recently smartwatches (although that one still needs some work).

Comment: My "best" System (Score 1) 558 558

I'm using a desktop system with a Quad Core i7-3770 with 8 GB of memory and a 1 TB hard drive (which I should upgrade to an SSD soon). It also has a Radeon 6870 in it (which I should also upgrade soon), and is connected to a HP LaserJet Color multifunction printer (because color lasers are awesome and I got sick of unclogging Inkjet cartridges).

I also have a nice set of studio monitor speakers plugged into it.

I'd imagine that most Slashdot users have more interesting systems lying about their houses, though. I'd rather hear more about their custom Raspberry Pi builds or home theater PC's.

Comment: Can you actually Watch this at 8K resolution? (Score 1) 181 181

I tried watching this at 8K resolution on my quad core i7 laptop, and it turned into a slide show. It looks like Chrome was using maxing out 4 processor cores and was using 5 GB of memory at the time. Wow.

Running the video at 4K worked fine, though.

Comment: Re:personal responsibility (Score 3, Interesting) 1032 1032

So, perhaps the trick to paying off student loans in the 21st century is:

Create a sham startup business
Get yourself have a million in seed money from a VC that isn't too bright (This might be the tough part)
Pay yourself a big salary with that seed money (Because, hey, you're the CEO right?)
Use that salary to pay off your student loans
Declare bankruptcy once the seed money runs out.
Put "CEO of!" on your resume, and use it to get a management job somewhere that doesn't do thorough background checks.

Comment: Re:53 million? (Score 1) 202 202

Yeah... 53 million dollars doesn't seem like a huge cash reserve for a company with 220 employees, They could easily burn through that 3 years, or even less if they started expanding with new projects.

Personally, I'd like a new page editor screen doesn't look like a source code editor from the 1990's. Ya know, just in case they're looking for ideas on how to spend that money.

Comment: Re:I read the comments ... (Score 1) 254 254

I think that the difference here is that some people (who didn't do their homework) actually thought that Mt. Gox was legitimate organization that could be trusted with their Internet funny money.

Anyone using these black market sites knows what they are doing isn't legal and should accept the risk that their bits are going to go "poof" someday and they have no legal resource when it does.

Comment: Apple Pay has been a disappointment so far (Score 1) 230 230

I tried using Apple Pay on my shiny new iPhone, but it's been a failure so far. I couldn't get my Bank Of America card to successfully add to my Passbook, and the fingerprint reader wouldn't work when I tried to pay for my lunch with another card.

I think that I'll want for the next iOS version before I bother trying this again.

Comment: Re:Tsk. And they wonder where employee loyalty wen (Score 1) 331 331

The problem is that management doesn't always have a clue who's a top performer or who's not. Many IBM'ers rarely see their managers now, because they work from home.

That means that lots of good employees get canned, and the lazy employees who took credit for their work keep their jobs.

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