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Comment Re:A Step In The Right Direction (Score 2) 259

I'm not sure if anybody other than the user should be deciding what ads are "acceptable" when using an ad blocker. That's why I like the Adblock extension for Chrome. It doesn't have this "acceptable ads default to on" nonsense built into it, and it's run by a lone guy who accepts donations instead of a for-profit software development company.

Comment Re:Versions have been marketing bullshit for decad (Score 1) 86

Microsoft's version numbering "system" has always been the most confusing to me. They went from actual version numbers (Windows 3, 3.1), to the approximate year they were released (Windows 95, 98, 2000), to weird brand names (XP, Vista), to made up version numbers that aren't actually the real version number reported by the OS * (Windows 7, 8, 8.1), and finally back to an actual version number that matches what the OS says it is (Windows 10).

Bloody hell, man!

* Windows 7 reports as version 6.3 when you use the "ver" command.

Comment Re:16GB is enough for me (Score 1) 324

For many people, their cell phone is their primary digital camera. With a 12 MP camera sensor that can also record 4K video, you're going to burn through 12 GB (The OS uses 4) of storage quickly.

Even if Apple wanted to make a 16 GB "cheapskate" model, they should really make 32 GB the standard for their flagship phones.

Comment Re:Never reuse passwords (Score 1) 146

It doesn't give much credence to the "use a tough password that's hard to crack" creedo, though.

What's the point of using a crazy 20 character password multicase password with special characters if the person storing the password isn't going to encrypt it properly? It's just going to cracked anyway.

If you can't trust the dumbasses running the sites you visit not do to something REALLY dumb like store it in cleartext, you might as well just use "password" or "qwerty12" as your password and be done with it.

Comment WiFi is STILL a bad idea for a POS system (Score 2) 75

It's amusing that 25 years later, you would be crazy to set up a POS system with just a WiFi network connection.

Even if you're not worried about wireless reliability, security, and interference issues (and you should be!), it will still never process credit card transactions as fast as a Gigabit wired connection.

Comment Re:4k video for the iphone??? Really? (Score 2, Informative) 508

Hey now, that feature is very important... for Apple's profit margins! It insures that their 16 GB phone buyers will run out of storage faster, so they'll spend more money on iCloud storage and make sure to pony up the extra $100 for the 64 GB model next time.

Sadly, I'm only being semi-sarcastic here. Releasing a brand new high end phone with only 16 GB of storage and no expansion slot in 2015 is just evil.

Comment Re:If IBM had a Jobs (Score 1) 440

I doubt it. IBM always had a bad habit of overcharging for things. Even if OS/2 was more polished and way more advanced * than it's competition, Microsoft would have STILL beat it on pricing.

* Yeah, I know that OS/2 probably was more technically advanced than anything Microsoft had until Windows NT 4 or so.

Comment Sadly, the Nexus 7 (2013) model is your best bet (Score 2) 283

If you're sure that you want a 7" Android tablet in the $200 range, the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 is probably your best bet.

You would think that something better would have come out by now, but there really isn't anything in that size and price range that is noticeably better.

If you wait until the end of the month, Google is expected to release some new Nexus models. Perhaps they will finally have a 7" tablet upgrade in the mix.

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