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Comment Re:This will probably help the discount carriers (Score 1) 155

Yes, I've had the misfortune of having to configure the MMS services on my Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM card. What really sucked is that they STILL didn't work after I had them configured, because their MMS server was down that weekend. After publicly arguing with them on Twitter for a few days, it "magically" started working on it's own.

After a few more MMS outages like that, I switched to an AT&T compatible SIM card. That worked out of the package automatically. Go figure.

Comment Does getting "laid off" in high school count? (Score 1) 179

I once got "laid off" from a lame food service job in high school, where the manager was basically too lazy to fire me and just stopped putting my name on the schedule.

I've never been fired from an IT job since I graduated college, though. I've certainly quit a few lousy jobs where I was either being treated badly or was about to get outsourced, though.

Comment Re:Voat (Score 1) 410

Yeah, there are an amazing number of assholes on Reddit. Some people won't just stop at downvoting your comments in a single forum if you've posted something that you disagree with, but they'll go through your post history and downvote EVERY comment and post you've made in the last month or so.

It's so bad that I have to use a different user name on other sites than on Reddit because some of those fuckers will track your username down on sites like Twitter and start badmouthing you there as well.

Comment Re:TeamViewer or LogMeIn? (Score 1) 173

Yeah... it all he needs is remote desktop access to (primarily) a few Windows systems for patching things and snooping on your kid, just installing TeamViewer on them would be a lot easier than setting up a VPN. Once you have that, you could just put PuTTY on one of the remote Windows boxes to log into the Raspberry Pi project boxes if needed.

Of course, I guess that you could always do something fancier liking run VNC servers on different ports for each system and port forward those through the firewall for remote access, and use something like like NoIP to give them a fixed hostname to access. That's kind of old school at this point, though.

Comment Re:rip-off (Score 1) 296

Honestly, I probably wouldn't hire you because you have too MANY certifications. I'd peg you as a person who spends more time learning obscure networking facts to pass the certification exams than actually spending time fixing real networking problems.

Besides, you probably want a higher salary than my small company is willing to pay, anyway.

Comment I kinda miss smit from AIX (Score 1) 484

I always wished that someone would make a smit like AIX control panel menu system for the Linux command line. If you couldn't remember the exact syntax of a command, it often came in handy for quickly getting the task done (without having to Google command examples) and then get an example of the syntax for next time.

Comment Netware was evil (Score 1) 377

I once built a Windows NT 4 system image that used an older version of a Novell Netware driver that was incompatible with the newer version of Netware that the file servers were using.

It seemed to work fine on the master system that I built, but after that image got deployed to 50 classroom computers it flooded the network with garbage traffic and caused the entire University network (about 500 computers at the time) to crash. It took the network team about two days to figure out what the problem was.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 44

Apple isn't stupid enough to invest a ton of R&D in this yet.

They'll wait for someone to make a clunky but functional prototype that still has some usability issues first, and then make a pretty and easier to use version of that. Then they'll let their marketing machine convince their fan base that it's the most revolutionary thing since... well... the last Apple product that came out.

Apple is really good at this. They did it laptops, then smartphones, then tablets, and most recently smartwatches (although that one still needs some work).

Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature. -- Rich Kulawiec