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Comment Re:Reposting my comment from the original article. (Score 1) 1782

If you need money to operate the site, try asking for it from readers. That way you can reduce or eliminate advertising useless junk that nobody wants

I completely agree (fellow greybeard). I would prefer a [donate] button rather than a subscription though so I can choose when and how much to contribute. I will also second your suggestion to allow editing until moderation or reply.

Comment Myopic (Score 1) 133

The problem is that for many there is a complete lack of a social safety net and adequate programs to help them get to where they need to to become productive members of society. We need good social programs and the legalization and legislation of recreational drugs. If you do the latter first you'll have the money for the former.

Of course this requires us to get our collective heads out of our asses, so it probably won't happen. Blaming Internet technologies is not seeing the big picture.

Comment ILM (Score 1) 56

This is called Information Lifecycle Management and has been common practice for many decades now. Yes decades. I worked on Panasonic jukebox WORM (Write Once Read Many) ILM systems (both hardware and software) in the 90s. The real news here is not that Facebook is using ILM, but the new BlueRay technology being used.

Comment Quirks and Quarks (Score 2, Informative) 48

Quirks and Quarks did a podcast very recently about this technology and its application on a particular strain of MD. This work was done (by Dr. Ronald Cohn from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto) on living cells however, not live mammals. The podcast does go into a high level and easily understood description of how the technology works. Fascinating stuff.

Comment Re:OP & litigator here (Score 1) 122

If everyone opted out (like you and I do) every single time, consequences to travel plans be damned, the scanners would be optional within a week and gone in a year. But they won't. Because people will always trade convenience and perceived safety for liberty. So it is important that people like the OP pick up the fight on a legal ground, doing the work that us sheeple should be doing for ourselves.

Also, while you may be able to opt out in the USA and Canada, you cannot in other countries (like GB). This is apropos of nothing, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Submission + - SpaceX Lands Falcon 9 Rocket At Cape Canaveral

Rei writes: At 8:40 PM today, SpaceX successfully launched and relanded the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket at Cape Canaveral, as well as delivering to orbit the last portion of ORBCOMM's communication satellite constellation. This also marks SpaceX's return to flight and the first launch of the "Full Thrust" Falcon 9 v1.1 with densified (extremely chilled) propellants. The company will now shift its efforts toward catching up on its backlog, investigating and refurbishing its landed first stage, and preparing for the maiden flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket this spring. Congratulations to everyone at SpaceX!

Comment It Doesn't Matter (Score 2) 167

It is not the way in which they are solving the problem that is at issue (although the HBR thinks so), it is the problem they are trying to solve that is. It doesn't matter what they do because the method they are using is as unlikely to achieve success any more than the efforts from 1956 to date.

They're wasting their money. Perhaps if they spent their billion on thinking about AI in a completely different way there would be something to talk about.

Comment Sign Me Up (Score 5, Funny) 115

I'm planning to use my kit to prolong my life... Oh wait. No. I could use it to FINALLY BE ABLE TO DIE!

In 1272 I hung myself in a barn. It was 1348 before the damn barn fell down and I was able to walk away. Do you know what it is like to hang in a barn for 70+ years? Not fun. I'm ready for all this new-fangled gene editing technology!

Comment Don't Hold Back (Score 1) 137

Instead of being frightened we should instead establish some reasonable policies and then go all-in on the human genome editing side. We're going to need it. Either our bodies are going to need to be both longer lived and much less prone to radiation, or we are never going to get our species out of this solar system (or even off this planet).

We are not suited for space travel. Either we make ourselves suited or we wait until we randomly evolve some traits that will help us. If we wait, we may go extinct before it happens.

Life is just natures way of keeping meat fresh after all...

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