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Comment Re:Card counting works at the tables (Score 1) 40

No. Casinos are private establishments who reserve and use their right to refuse you service for any reason that they choose, including, being a good player who can do basic arithmetic.

Besides, if you shuffle the deck every round, then card counting is irrelevant. Its more like, casinos broke their own game and didn't want to fix it because they make more money/hr with it broken because it plays faster from a shoe.

Comment Re:How accurate is this? (Score 1) 40

Well stereotyping cheaters is still stereotyping.

Some of them, I am sure, are really good players. I wouldn't assume many are, but I think it depends on the scenario. For example, an MMO player often has plenty of incentive to bot, since it can grind for him while he does something else. He isn't cheating while he is playing, he is cheating in between in order to not spend his time doing less interesting grinding.

He is going to be a very different player from someone who jumps on a quick multi-round FPS game with an aimbot; and even he may have different motivations as some people, will be the delusional "I am actually good" guy, and others, may just be griefers who want to harvest salty tears from other players by ruining their day.

Comment Re:Sexual Assault (Score 1) 504

I think it is a reasonable thing to do to.... give people a response, which is what they are looking for.

Frankly, I think people read WAY too much into all this. "The AI was asked on a date" "the AI was abused".... fuck, have none of these people ever spent an hour with ELIZA? Within about 5 minutes it becomes a game of "What can I get it to say?"

People are playing with a toy looking for a response....any response works. A response which acknowledges what they are doing, in any way, is exactly what most were probably looking for.

If anything, this would encourage the behaviour because "look, she talks back too..."

Comment Pity there isn't a -1 ; Conspiracy Theory mod (Score 5, Insightful) 246

Slashdot needs ones. Seriously, for a community that claims to hate FUD, the OSS types sure like spreading it when it is about the "right" groups. If you actually care about what kinds of things the telemetry communicates back at various settings, the information is all out there for you. No, SSH data isn't one of them. However I am going to imagine you don't, and this is just crap you want to fling at "the bad guys" because you can.

Also a thought for you: Your OS, by definition, has access to anything any program on the system is doing. What would stop it from looking in at any 3rd party SSH server you ran, if you think it does that?

Comment Re:No use fighting it (Score 1) 144

Well what actually works for amazon is that prime gives you free shipping on a lot of things. If you use amazon to shop, those little benefits can quickly add up over the year. Getting the movies and shows as well is a nice bonus. Though, they don't update very option and it is a limited selection.

Comment Re:The making of a Terrorist (Score 1) 40

What ever would make you think that is SOP? Normally they pay a middle man to set people up. Makes me wonder who the "Robert Childs" was this time: http://fcir.org/2014/12/26/fbi...

My Favorite is that the dude didn't just find a mentally handicapped person to manipulate, no... he got money off him first too. Can you imagine, they paid a child molesting informant for setting up and informing on....someone he owed money to.

Comment Re:Did they spin when they landed? (Score 2) 634

You know, it probably doesn't make much difference, we would do better picking by lot.

SSN 000-35-2462 ..... Report to DC, you are the new president!

Seriously, you will NEVER convince me this will produce worst results. As long as it was a truely random selection of the population from ages 25-60

Comment Re:Isn't this what --preserve-root is for? (Score 1) 699

And? Its not like rm -rf / is the only way to recurse filesystems deleting things.

These things can easily happen from typos and scripts.... so like:

"rm -rf $MYPATH/*" becomes "rm -rf /* if $MYPATH" is unset.

I dunno, I am very much of the feeling that anything that can brick the system should be hidden behind a hardware switch in order to update. If a motherboard advertised having a jumper that needed to be set in order to update boot info, I would consider that a desirable feature in general.

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