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Comment: Re:Why didn't they ask Myspace? (Score 1) 191

by TheCarp (#48264495) Attached to: Is the Outrage Over the FBI's Seattle Times Tactics a Knee-Jerk Reaction?

Well it was at least 3 years before that when I was working at a school that had a student use his pc in his office to spam through our mail relays for his consulting business. I bring it up because, we clearly had IPs in the logs, but the networking group sent someone out to the office anyway.... to get the MAC address, so we could close the correlate the IP of the spammer, with the DHCP logs, with the MAC on his machine.

Now this was a University office (he was a grad student), so the network engineer called campus police to let her in, but the user showed up before they did let her in! Police showed up just in time for her to tell the officer she had verified the MAC, and they took Mr Spammer off for a talk about acceptable use and how he will not be using university computer resources unless he moves to another school. (not his first offense).

So I left that job at least 2 years before 2007 so, school network admins were already looking to close gaps like that in their investigations of AUP violations prior to that, so its pretty believable to me that would want more than IP.

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by TheCarp (#48261047) Attached to: Verizon Launches Tech News Site That Bans Stories On US Spying

Reminds me of this Democrat who came around knocking on doors. Of course she immediately assumed I was a republican when I told her I wasn't voting for her candidate, that is until I mentioned my support for the green party candidate, which clearly annoyed her even more.

"Well I hope you at least are going to support keeping our state sales tax where it is" (there was a question about lowering it back to where it was a few years back), to which I looked her in the eye and said "Well, the sales tax is fundamentally pretty regressive anyway, don't you think"

Oh the scowl she gave me..... there really ARE some things money can't buy.

Comment: Re:Make it right... (Score 5, Insightful) 173

> A fine won't do it, since innocent shareholders will suffer.

How and why are shareholders innocent? They bought part of the company, the company behaved badly and got fined, they, as part owners, are partly responsible. Them taking a hit on share price is absolutely just, and I see no reason to make any special exceptions for them just to avoid that.

Now if the shareholders then wish to claim they were wronged by bad decisions the company made which were against the best interests of the shareholders, I wouldn't say they are wrong, but it really is a separate issue.

Now seeing the company first fined, then have its stock slide, and then be sued by its shareholders....THAT seems like it would send the right message, don't you think?

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by TheCarp (#48253525) Attached to: LAX To London Flight Delayed Over "Al-Quida" Wi-Fi Name

WTF do these have to do with eachother?

In one case you have a small sample (given the size of the public from which they are drawn from, a puny number) of people who actively work to stifle speech of individuals. This doesn't sound like trolling at all to me, it sounds like personal harassment.

This person made no threat at all. All negative consquences were the result of people overreacting based on nothing but a name on a device. It barely even qualifies as a joke.

Frankly, this is a prime example of why orgs like the TSA need to be held financially responsible for the damage they cause. Oh Delayed flight? Take the cost of every ticket on that plane out of TSA salaries. See if that shit happens again.

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After re-reading the question I don't think she lives at an assisted living center. I believe the "Senior Center" mentioned is not where she lives at all, but a place outside the home that she can go to and be around other seniors. Based on how the question was written, I believe the implication is that she lives at home, on her own.

Of course, it is a bit confusing since I think the posting editor made the same assumption when he suggested a repeater.

So the question can more reliably be reduced to "what high speed service can I get in a residential home for the $65/mo range without usage restrictions?"

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by TheCarp (#48250993) Attached to: LAX To London Flight Delayed Over "Al-Quida" Wi-Fi Name

Then perhaps we should jail the idiots who think that AP names matter so much? I would love to see some of these idiots who think that its A-OK and unintended consequence free to deal with the public, a public that is supposed to be free people capable of saying what they want and representing any ideas they want, in a ham handed fashion?

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You should have seen me almost give myself whiplash a few months back, I was on my way home from work. There was a guy looking to turn left and I passed him on the right at the intersection. Not just "the intersection" but, an intersection I have been driving through for my entire adult life, and which I grew up and live within 1/4 mile of.

I get pulled over "Do you know why I pulled you over"
"No clue"
"You rolled through that stop sign back there"
and my head spun so fast, I am surprised I didn't have a chiropractor trying to hand me his card.

"When did they put THAT in!?!"
"Oh last night"


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lol um reread the quote I used, it is pretty clear the "less than a handful" is not potential evacuees, but the subset of them who have indicated that they do not already have accommodations to evacuate too.

Kind of like, if my area of town was evacuated, I would head over to the house of a friend or relative nearby, or if the need arose, to family a few hours away. There are very few scenarios where I would actually need to find shelter for longer than it would take for me to make arrangements for my physical travel.

OTOH I know people who don't have nearby family and whose friends would likely mostly be in the same boat as them.

Comment: It also may not even be possible (Score 1) 581

by Sycraft-fu (#48242519) Attached to: Elon Musk Warns Against Unleashing Artificial Intelligence "Demon"

When by "Strong AI" you mean "a computer with human like intelligence" that may not be something that can be done. We don't even know. It may well be that the kind of intelligence we have is a strictly biological and that you can't replicate it in silicon. It may be no matter how powerful we make computers, no matter how clever their programming, no matter how much they "think" they are never a Strong AI. We just don't know at this point.

So it is really premature at this point to be doing any kind of doomsaying, or other prognostication, about Strong AI. We don't know if such a thing will ever exist, much less what form it will take if it does. Like even if it can exist we have no idea if it would have emotions as we do. Perhaps those turn out to be biochemical in origin, and thus a Strong AI doesn't have the. So it might completely lack ambition, desire, anger, or anything that would lead it to try anything against humans. It might be completely self aware, rational, and perfectly ok with doing whatever it is told to do and serving humans because it simply has no desire for anything else.

All of this is unknown, so maybe let's chill until we start to see if AI is possible, and if so what it is going to look like, before we get all doomsdayer on it.

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Radars produce signal when not active. Normal ones aren't "off" when not taking a reading, they are inactive, which means their components are still warmed up. They emit detectable signals, nothing electrical is quiet when it is on.

Now there are what are called "pop" radar guns that go from off to on real fast... but they are, near as I know, not legal for measuring speeds since such a device cannot be made accurate. You can't make a 20GHz transmitter that turns on and stabilizes in a fraction of a second.

Comment: What is a "handful" of people (Score -1) 64

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The vast majority of residents contacted had identified places where they could go, with "less than a handful" saying they may need to go to a shelter, he said.

Really? I mean, I can only hold one average adult "in hand" with a single hand....and even that is being rather generous about "in hand", I can at best grab a wrist, fore arm, ankle, or windpipe/jugular, maybe hair or a nose. However, any one of these takes up my entire single hand.

Even if we assume the people are all babies, I can, at most, heft one of them in a single hand as well, and even that isn't the recommended proper way to carry a baby.

So "less than a handful" would be 0 people.

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Then you will learn to appreciate older cars....or at least honest mechanics.

I had a similar experience except, for me it wasn't the muffler. No no, it was the mount for the flexpipe connecting my cat to the exhaust manifold. Of course, being a newer car, this entire flexpipe piece was not considered its own part but, part of the cat itself.... awesome.

Of course, I went to a small shop who said "the cat alone is over $1000 for this car, I can weld that piece for you and have you on the road again for $250. So I had him weld it. Awesome.

The weld job lasted for 3 years, but thats more than I expected. After that he told me the price came down and he could get me the cat for $750 installed. What he didn't tell me was this time he was getting me a cheap after market cat that only was going to last 1 year. I left thinking he saved me money twice, didn't find out how wrong he was until he botched fixing it up for inspection a year later and I ended up having to have it towed to another shop.

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