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Comment: Re:It seems like squeegeeing is the wrong approach (Score 1) 203

by PlusFiveTroll (#48388495) Attached to: Window Washing a Skyscraper Is Beyond a Robot's Reach

This isn't a mechanical problem, it is a vision problem. Humans miss spots while cleaning all the time, but we have one advantage, we can easily tell what is and isn't dirty, then we go back and correct. The issue I see is we aren't solving the vision and object recognition problem for some time yet so humans will still have that advantage.

Comment: Re:Coastal people live in their own universe (Score 2) 264

by PlusFiveTroll (#48330739) Attached to: We Are Running Out of Sand

Studied some oceanography. The problem is not that beaches are transient. The problem is our idea of property. The problem is ports, seawalls, jetties. We want beach front property we can have a house on, a hotel on, a strip mall by. You can repair a beach. Just quit building within a few miles of it. It's a moving object. It will show back up once you give it the proper habitat. If you build houses and seawalls up the entire coast you will not have beaches. That means the beach disappears. The natural mechanisms that make beaches cannot do their jobs.

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No, not exactly. Doing that you end up with very small, sharp, broken rocks. You also end up with a chemically active surface, depending on the type of rock, that is very alkaline or acidic. Sand (at least beach sand) is both mechanical and chemical weathering of rocks that is then polished by water over time.

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This is pretty much it.

While my main job is working on computers, I do like researching other things. I've read a few books on beach engineering and coastal erosion. Here's pretty much what no one who owns beach property is going to want to hear...

"If you want a beach, you can't build anywhere close to it".

Sea walls that protect houses prevent beaches from forming and they will erode up to the wall. Piers change beach dynamics and where there was once sand, there will quickly be nothing (or in some cases the beach will advance very far out the pier ruining its intended purpose. The beach is a very dynamic place and anything you put out there changes those dynamics.

Comment: unique tokens (Score 1) 130

by l3v1 (#48316261) Attached to: American Express Seeks To Swap Card Numbers For Secure Tokens
For a long time now several banks (I'm talking EU here, I never saw this in the US, but that doesn't mean they don't have it) offer services where you can generate a temporary card number for a one-time single transaction, and the generated number becomes invalid after that single transaction. It's meant for online payments - you generate the number with a specified sum that can be spent, you make the transaction after which the number disappears. This, combined with a two-layer online banking login (password + single-use token sent by text to your phone) seems pretty solid to me. At least, I never heard anyone using it having their card data stolen.

Comment: Re:If lack of security updates didn't kill IE 6... (Score 1) 70

IE 11 / Win 8.1 R TLS 1.2 TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x35) No FS 256
Chrome 37 / OS X R TLS 1.2 TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x35) No FS 256
Firefox 32 / OS X R TLS 1.2 TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_256_CBC_SHA (0x35) No FS 256

Other than the lack of Forward-Secrecy and lack of GCM it looks like Citi supports modern TLS.

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