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Comment Re: The "Floor" was always a kludge (Score 1) 138

Your stock can drop instantly by half due to a computer error, but if the actual value of your stock is worth more than that, it will quickly return to its original value. It's called holding long term.

The issue here that you're having a problem with is people near the trading core can react much faster to real bad news, and you don't like it much.

Comment Re:If AB+ were forced on users (Score 1) 539

If it wasn't AB+ (which is really odd in a gov organization), you would just have an SSL inspection box that filtered out any crap they didn't want. Personally I don't want ads and their associated trackers 'monitoring' inside of government networks. Nefarious 3rd parties could easily buy or steal that data and use it to attack your network.

Comment Re: 25 Mb/s would be amazing!! but.... (Score 1) 521

Buy a logging chain and wrap it around one of the cable junctions at the side of the road. Then figure out a way to attach it to a passing dump truck without a) ripping your arms off and b) getting caught. The broken windows fallacy is only a fallacy when it's keeping you from getting upgraded service.

Comment Re:Business is suffering (Score 1) 521

>Do you expect your fellow citizens to pay more tax so that you can reap more private profit?

Yes. Because when you do this for something that isn't just a pet project, but benefits everyone in society it increases everybody's profit. Of course I'm sure you've not read a damn thing about utilities and public works in the last 100 years so you're a little ignorant about all that.

Comment Re:Think? (Score 4, Insightful) 521

>I've been on 25/5 and on 3/1 and really can't tell much difference because most stuff is oversold to be barely tolerable

Just because you live in Comcast or Centurylink's area doesn't mean that other places with better internet don't exist. I currently have 100/10, and would I notice a difference between that and 25/5, no, but the four other people in my house watching videos and playing games don't notice each other slowing down the net either.

That said, until a way to sue ISPs for their complete and total lack of providing their advertized service exists, many places will continue to have crap service.

Comment Re:Government should not pick winners and losers. (Score 2) 298

>Distributed generation, as it reduces the amount of electricity that must be moved over long distances, is more efficient, and therefore cheaper

Only if generation + losses is more expensive than each small generation plant, or have you forgot what economy of scale means.

Also distributed generation is expensive because the entire grid has to be redesigned from a from the centralized generation where a few big units determine the clock of the network to a smart network that will require millions if not billions in upgrades to stabilize millions of input sources.

Comment Re:Hash those pedals (Score 1) 78

Not a random length. You want a fixed total length. Say your longest possible password is 64 characters. You want to pad out every password to 96 characters, so if the users password is only 6 characters long an additional 90 random characters are padded. That way no statistical attacks can be performed.

Comment Re:Make them stop scanning you (Score 1) 265

If the user didn't have a bandwidth cap, then no, you'd want to serve as much as possible, but have it in a low priority QoS profile. If the attacker was saving files you could exhaust their free disk space eventually, most of these hacked shells don't have terabytes available.

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