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Comment: Re:And most don't care (Score 1) 85

by l0ungeb0y (#49751617) Attached to: NSA Planned To Hijack Google App Store To Hack Smartphones

That's because it doesn't affect most people

It only doesn't effect those that don't give a shit about their rights. Which is most Americans that only care about their ability to buy an SUV and pay rent.

Besides, in relative terms it isn't too bad.

Sure -- enslavement by a cabal of Corporate and Government fascism beats death and imprisonment. But not by much.

The bars might be "invisible" but they are still there.

Comment: Re:How could you protect against this? (Score 1, Flamebait) 164

How about securing your freaking server by locking down all ports and running only necessary services with access restrictions to allowed IPs? How about NOT using MySQL which is shit poor as far as security? How about not allowing direct DB over a Port and use an API over HTTPS instead? These are but a few obvious things that can be done to prevent someone from getting access to your DB's Data Files or accessing the DB itself.

Comment: Re:Lots of filtering I suspect (Score 0) 174

by l0ungeb0y (#49748937) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

There are some "how it's made" shows that shouldn't be watched.

Those shows should be watched and shown as part of grade school curriculum. It's important for people to know what they are eating and to know what their alternatives are besides going to buy Factory Farmed Meats at Supermarkets. Even buying a joint of meat at Safeway comes with so much crap that it's not much better than processed.

Until people start caring about the quality of their foods, we will continue on this race to the bottom -- the Average American already eats on par with a pig anyway with all the processed crap made from fillers and byproducts. All that's needed is for Americans to ditch table dining for a troft.

Comment: Re:Machine learning? (Score 2) 174

by l0ungeb0y (#49748919) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

when attempting to understand something pathetic and useless

Actually, I found it rather interesting to consider -- given that African Americans are so fond of shouting oppression. Yet they seem to have flourished here rather well, with plenty of opportunity to advance in society, have many elected officials and business leaders and finally, even a President.

Just because you don't like a statement that may be made inappropriately does not mean it's completely without merit.

Comment: Re:Rich Family Dies, World At Peril!!! (Score 3, Insightful) 174

by l0ungeb0y (#49748835) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect
FFS -- the slaughter of an entire family of any background would cause outrage and a thorough investigation. You're a real fucked up piece of shit to look at this act of cold blooded brutality and denigrate the victims by making it all about your angst-ridden political agenda.

Comment: Capitalize on JS (Score 1) 259

by l0ungeb0y (#49745789) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Career Advice For an Aging Perl Developer?

Javascript is hot right now thanks to Modern Browser capabilities and NodeJS. So if you have knowledge of and are comfortable with jQuery -- here's where to go next:

  • NodeJS -- learn to work with Express, and package your code into reusable/distributable NPMs. As a bonus check out
  • MongoDB -- knowledge of and practical experience with at least one NoSQL DB is a must for todays web developer
  • Bootstrap -- Responsive UIs are a necessity for Web UIs and knowledge of at least one Response CSS Framework is a standard requirement
  • Backbone -- Working knowledge of at least one JS based MVC Framework is also needed , Backbone might be a good place to start given your knowledge of jQuery, ReactJS is another more recent JS framework that can work with jQuery. Angular is also quite popular, but not based on jQuery and takes some doing to integrate jQuery plugins
  • Bower -- not a requirement -- Package/Dependency Manager that works like NPM but for JS/CSS UI dependencies, a good thing to have working knowledge of as you'll most likely use this in any production level JS UI development pipeline
  • Yeoman/Grunt/Slurp -- not a requirement -- CLI Tooling to aid in building/packaging/testing/task running --a feature common to production level JS UI development pipeline
  • Phonegap -- not a requirement, but helpful to be aware of how to take an HTML5/JS UI and turn it into a Native App for iOS and Android

Anyway -- that's the basics of where to go if you'd like to leverage your existing knowledge of jQuery into something marketable. Express for NodeJS is also a good primer for Ruby on Rails as it is a "rails-like" framework with NPMs being similar to Gems

Comment: We Need Money -- Give Up Your Privacy (Score 1) 817

by l0ungeb0y (#49736703) Attached to: Oregon Testing Pay-Per-Mile Driving Fee To Replace Gas Tax

Oregon can sign up to drive with devices that collect data on how much they have driven and where.

Surprisingly -- no one is making a stink about the State TRACKING THEIR MOVEMENTS.
I guess people just accept surveillance now -- just let the Gov't track and monitor them like good little inmates should.

This should not be allowed -- you want to increase monies to pay for road work? Instead of tracking everyone's movements, hike up Vehicle Registration fees to offset the loss you perceive from the switch to Hybrid -- or increase the tax you charge for electricity.

Comment: Re:Stupid reasoning. (Score 1) 1072

by l0ungeb0y (#49731257) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour
Better than them jacking up prices here to offset the loss they take by dumping their products at a fraction of the price in Asia all in the name of "Globalization". Frankly I'm sick of paying HUNDREDS of times more than what an Indian pays for a fucking Hamburger or seeing people suffer because they can't afford the medication that an Indian can get for PENNIES on the dollar.

Comment: Re:Pizza shop worker loves Seattle’s new $15 (Score 0, Flamebait) 1072

by l0ungeb0y (#49731173) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour
Thanks for posting propaganda as "news".

From the website:

Know a young conservative who should be on Red Alert's 2015 '30 Under 30' List? Nominate them by May 29. Read more at

The only way this could be a more blatant "Conservative" Propaganda site is if they named it Hitler Youth Life

Comment: So Women Aren't Equal? (Score 0) 769

By the virtue of having different reproductive organs they should be regarded as inferior?
And they call this "Men's Rights"? Sounds more like Politically Correct Sexism to me. Women are every bit as smart, strong and capable as men in just about anything they apply themselves to.

However I do share their indignation that Mad Max has a reduced role in this movie -- which seems to center on some character played by Charleze Theron.
Based on that alone, I will pass on this and wait for it to show up on Netflix or HBO Now. That's like making a Batman movie and having some random Mary Sue character be the central character

Comment: Gates and Zuckerbergs Vision for America (Score 5, Interesting) 248

If Gates and Zuckerberg have their way -- all US tech workers will compete directly with foreigners for their jobs. In the words of "Major Contributor" Lars Dalgaard:

"Nobody's going to hold you up and carry you around...If you're not going to work hard enough to be qualified to get the job...well then, you don't deserve the job."


Remember kids -- you got give us MORE FOR LESS if you want to make it in today's Globalized Economy. Just being a US Citizen doesn't mean you deserve to work in the US. Why should we "Carry You Around" if we can import workers willing to work for the equivalent wage they'd get in Bangalore while working in San Jose and will even offer to CARRY US AROUND the corporate campus in Rickshaws and Litters in their off hours?

This is why we need to revamp the educational system in America -- to train young thralls how to compete in the workplace of the future

Air pollution is really making us pay through the nose.