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Comment: Re:History (Score 2) 95

by l0ungeb0y (#48819487) Attached to: Adobe Patches Nine Vulnerabilities In Flash
Not at all. One of the last footholds of Flash is the ability to write a Native App for iOS and Android with Adobe AIR. What Steve Jobs was talking about was the Flash Browser plug-in -- which was unviable as a mobile browser experience. Hell, Google bent over backwards to give Adobe everything they claimed Apple denied them and couldn't get it to run in a stable or usable manner on Android.

Comment: Re:Get rid of flash on slashdot, firefox (Score 3, Insightful) 95

by l0ungeb0y (#48818729) Attached to: Adobe Patches Nine Vulnerabilities In Flash

Any business that still wants programmers to make apps in flash are stupid Name one other way to transmit a live video & audio stream from the browser that works across all major platforms that doesn't require a download and install.

Besides Flash/Flex, AS, just purely suck as a language, utter putrid crap.

AS3 is essentially Java with most of the same features as most other strongly typed OO languages.

Please make all firewalls block flash. Make firefox not even accept flash plugins, ban it , black list it.

Yes, let's kill off browser-based internet video chat for the next few years and go with vendor specific implementations from Google and Apple! No one should be able to create a video app until Google lets them! Flash needs to die, but the fact is HTML5 has yet to provide a means to provide device access and a streaming AV codec. Sure, Opus is great, but not the standard and will likely never be adopted by Apple and WebRTC is great, but not the standard and has issues with implementation requirements (ICE servers, Turn/Stun).

Comment: Betteridge Is Wrong On This One (Score 5, Insightful) 227

by l0ungeb0y (#48806103) Attached to: Lawrence Krauss On Scientists As Celebrities: Good For Science?
Yes, anything that puts science to a face and makes it approachable, normal and something to be admired or respected is always a good thing. In the US, so much emphasis is put on wealth that we have seen an astronomical rise in MBAs and JDs while STEM programs have languished by comparison.

Comment: Anonymous is the Wrong Tool for the Job (Score 1) 509

by l0ungeb0y (#48782049) Attached to: Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack
Al Qaeda, ISIS and their ilk aren't centralized organizations and can't be easily doxxed, DDoS'd or fought in an electronic manner. Bear in mind that the average terrorist has a less than average IQ and a higher than average belief in religion with a strong tendency toward violence. Their use of computers is at the same level as your typical non-technical user: Facebook, twitter, chat and email. So while Anonymous might cause them some hassle, it will ultimately require putting a gun to these people's heads and pulling the trigger.

Comment: Re:Nazi's run the USA & Intelligence Apparatus (Score 0) 303

Show me how the Nazis were ever about Socialism. You want a fact? Every Socialist country on Earth has a higher standard of living, better education, better health care and more vacation time than America And dipshits like you talk about it like that's a bad thing bagging groceries at Walmart for $7.00/hr.

Comment: Remember Final Cut Pro X? (Score 2, Informative) 598

by l0ungeb0y (#48738167) Attached to: Tumblr Co-Founder: Apple's Software Is In a Nosedive
FTC took the Video Post community by storm, quickly gaining broad acceptance throughout the industry, knocking Premier off it's pedestal for desktop-class video editing software

Then they came out with Final Cut Pro X and when their users complained about the rampant bugs, overly simplified iMovie style interface and defeaturization, Apple told their user base to go fuck themselves -- as Apple is want to do and Premier went back to being on top again.

Anyway, far from being a learning moment for Apple -- this has been wholly adopted as their corporate ideology when it comes to their user apps. A lot of it is a focus on iOS and trying to make everything fall in line with iOS -- this was clear as early as 2007 when a trip to the Apple store had their laptop and desktop add-ons shunted to dusty corners while iPhone cases and accessories dominated the store. So this has beed a mentality years in the making based solely on spreadsheets of product sales and not user needs regarding user experience.

Even Woz wrote a rant (now pulled it seems) about ditching OS X in favor of Linux over the frustration of the mounting shit-pile of bugs and anoyances with OS X You can read comments about Woz' post here:

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