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Comment: Re:i didn't even bother to watch the second one (Score 2) 336

by l0ungeb0y (#48665467) Attached to: Ars: Final Hobbit Movie Is 'Soulless End' To 'Flawed' Trilogy

say...speaking of shitty fantasy trilogies i thought that shit with the blue aliens was supposed to be a trilogy? whatever happened? i guess the merchandising and bluray sales didn't really hit expectations for a new sci-fi property/brand?

We here at James Cameron Heavy Industries are happy to report that not only did international Blu-Ray® DVD sales meet market expectations, they totally and utterly surpassed them. As such, we've turned the planned Trilogy into a TETRALOGY! That's right -- not two more, but THREE MORE 3D IMAX EXPERIENCE movies featuring cutting edge CGI technology for you to spend every last hard earned dollar on tiny theatre seats and cold, greasy popcorn

Sadly, this embarrassment of riches has caused us to push back the production schedule a bit to accommodate HIS Lord Jim's latest round of ass-raping of the Terminator franchise and to allow for more production coordination with Disney to develop a world wide network of Avatar theme parks in disney properties world-wide.

Need to see it to believe it?

Comment: A Crewed Version? (Score 1) 200

by l0ungeb0y (#48617661) Attached to: NASA Study Proposes Airships, Cloud Cities For Venus Exploration
Considering that a surface mission is completely unfeasible and that they would effectively be little more than equipment operators, it seems the only benefit to a manned mission would be "less latency" in controlling the equipment vs drone style operators based here on Earth. Personally, aside from "bragging rights" for pulling off the first manned Venus Mission I do not see anything that could remotely justify the risk of life and massive financial costs a manned mission would incur.

Comment: Re:SURPRISE!!! (Score 1) 250

by l0ungeb0y (#48525689) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge
Except that Apple isn't the owner nor are they acting on behalf of the owner -- they are depriving you of your property on the sole basis that they want to hurt you because you used a competitors service. I fail to see why this should be a mere class action suit and not a criminal proceeding. This should qualify as property destruction and theft.

Comment: This Product Makes Sense (Score 0) 78

by l0ungeb0y (#48480483) Attached to: Intel Core M Notebooks Arrive, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Tested
Having this week bought a new 13" MacBook Pro (tiny and light) and deciding to pass on the iPhone Galaxy 6 because it's form factor is so huge that it borders on being a mini-tablet -- I have been thinking if Apple could come out with a 10" Air and a standalone iWatch, I'd be completely fulfilled. So when I read about this Lenovo product yesterday, I was a bit jealous. If they can come out with a smaller display sized version and get some Linux drivers for the hardware and offer an Ubuntu version, I would totally leave Apple in a heart beat.

Comment: Re:Sad... (Score 1) 390

by l0ungeb0y (#48480439) Attached to: First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released
Not sure about the S-Foils... but according to wookiepedia, they were deployed for "high stress situations" -- whatever that means. So considering that in space, there is no G-Force, there can be no exertion of "stresses" -- unless by "stress" they simply mean combat. But the X-Wings at least have control surfaces and afterburners -- and they show them flying in atmosphere in Ep IV and V So I can overlook that. The TIE Fighters on the other hand... totally bogus.

Comment: TIE-Fighters flying in Atmosphere?!?!?!?! (Score 5, Insightful) 390

by l0ungeb0y (#48480201) Attached to: First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released
Doesn't JJ know that Ion Engines don't generate enough thrust to propel so much as a paper airplane through atmosphere, much less an entire TIE-Fighter And even if those Twin Ion Engines could generate enough thrust, TIE-Fighers don't have control surfaces or the proper aerodynamics to fly?!?!?! Is he that big of a moron or is he purposely out to make the sequels worse than the prequels? And don't get me started on the sheer stupidity and uselessness of the crossguard on that Sith's lightsaber UTTER IDIOCY!

Comment: Re:Military defines "edge" differently than we do (Score 1) 117

by l0ungeb0y (#48455225) Attached to: How the Pentagon's Robots Would Automate War
To be fair, when it comes to weapons technology, you can never be too far ahead of the rest. We learned in WWI that simply using the same weapons and armor on naval ships or following the same battlefield tactics and technology (trenches and machine guns) as all the other players resulted in long drawn out bloody battles that typically resulted in a inconclusive outcomes with mass casualties. In WWII the Nazis showed us what years of heavy R&D can achieve when it comes to beating your enemies into submission. Remember -- most of Western Europe fell with barely a whimper and the sole hold-out, England was shelled relentlessly with weapons technology unmatched by even the US till well after the war.

Comment: Car as Mobile Office? (Score 1) 144

by l0ungeb0y (#48455153) Attached to: Here's What Your Car Could Look Like In 2030
I think a safer bet would be to predict that by 2030, the Average American, no longer able to afford a home or pay exorbitant rents in the major Metro Areas will turn to Self Driving RVs that feature a small smart car or scooter module for zipping around town to serve as their mode of transportation, mobile office and domicile

Comment: What Exactly is "Life" Anyway (Score 1) 307

by l0ungeb0y (#48452479) Attached to: Complex Life May Be Possible In Only 10% of All Galaxies
These "Astrophysicists" are incredibly short sighted if they think we have any idea as to the variety of life forms that exist throughout the universe from our limited view from our ecosystem on the Planet Earth. Sure -- we might have a pretty good understanding as to some of the life forms we might see in a yellow dwarf star system on a rocky planet with a nitrogen and oxygen based atmosphere -- but who's to say what life forms may exist in other galaxies, or what comprises an organic body or living entity? Why couldn't a nebula for instance, form some sort of organic neural network that allowed it to sense and convey information around itself? How could we say that a space dwelling life-form that subsists on radiation as we do on water is implausible? What type of life would we see in our own solar system on moons that have liquid methane oceans rather than liquid water?

Comment: Fearful Group To Be Avoided At All Costs (Score 3, Interesting) 481

by l0ungeb0y (#48450365) Attached to: Cops 101: NYC High School Teaches How To Behave During Stop-and-Frisk

"It's unlikely that a high school student would come away with any other conclusion than the police are a fearful group to be avoided at all costs,"

That's EXACTLY what the police are these days and if you claim otherwise you are either a pro-police and pro-police state shill or hopelessly naive about the current state law enforcement and Criminal Justice inAmerica that is more focused on creating criminals so they can imprison people and confiscate property than keeping people safe. I myself am a white guy in my early 40s and have had Criminal Justice delivered unto me. My crime? Stepping outside to my home after a few drinks to talk to a police officer regarding a public disturbance. I was immediately cuffed without cause, hauled off to jail and when I asked why I was arrested, I was choked, stomped on, pinned down by 4 officers and suffocated till I nearly passed out from asphyxiation. I am now facing criminal charges for "public intoxication" and "obstruction of justice". And have to spend several thousand in legal costs to defend myself in court. A very high price to pay for trying to be a good samaritan. So yes -- fear the police And for fucks sake, avoid them at all costs.

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