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Comment: Re:Today's computer science corriculum is practica (Score 1) 141 141

They are closer than ever. Sure you can be the type of sysadmin that goes in and just reboots the server when things don't work, but there are plenty of sysadmin jobs where you're basically a programmer. I recently left such a job where I was definitely more of a programmer, I just programmed in Puppet instead of something like Java.

Comment: Re:can someone from Europe please explain (Score 1) 141 141

why anyone thought forced delinking will ever work?

it just draws more attention to what you are trying to delink

it seems so absurd. i can't imagine a group of adults believing in or supporting such a ridiculous concept

I'm from Europe and I think this is absurd. It's not like we're one homogeneous mind that agrees on everything.

Comment: Re:Good design, eh? (Score 0) 149 149

When people applaud Apple, design is often one of the things they applaud. How about non-removable batteries as bad design?

I bought an Android partly because I can carry a tiny spare battery, and replace it if needed, instead of carrying a charger or an even bigger battery to charge my phone.

The battery is clearly removable. According to the summary they will replace it for you if it drops below 80 % and they would not be able to do that if it was non-removable. Just because you can't quickly and easily remove it yourself doesn't mean that it's not removable. It is removable, you just need some time and tools to do it.

Comment: Re:Forced Opt-in by default is ILLEGAL in the EU. (Score 1) 328 328

Forced Opt-in by default is ILLEGAL in the EU.

Opt-in in the EU is by LAW/Directives to be OPTIONAL by default.

Another example of American companies not understanding nor giving a fuck about our rights in Europe.

I hope somebody takes them to the EU courts over these practices. Same with the annoying defaults of installing Chrome on installers.

Google is already in the courts, time to bring Yahoo in and many others (Valve with steam etc). Apple has been through it with iTunes.

Another example of Europeans not understanding that their laws don't apply in America.

Comment: Re:Medical testing devices worth tens of billions (Score 1) 192 192

Inside thousands of labs all over the world there are testing devices worth tens of billions of dollars running on XP

The OS upgrade path is next to none

You don't update software on medical equipment anyway. That thing would have to be recertified.

Comment: Re:Walled Garden (Score 1) 86 86

It would absolutely be legal in Europe. Stores in Europe are free to chose what they want to sell and not, they are not required to carry everyone that wants to. If Apple decides that they don't want to carry competing streaming applications then they are fully within their right to do so, just like Debian is in their right to refuse to ship any application in their archive for whatever reason they want. Are you suggesting that Debian could not legally refuse to ship the non-free Spotify client in Europe?

Comment: Re:rootkit? (Score 1) 193 193

Q: What guarantee do we have that these binary blobs don't contain root kits? A: None.

This really isn't acceptable. :(

Would you feel better if the CPU/GPU came with the firmware preloaded? I agree that it's not ideal but the code is not loaded into the kernel, it's loaded into the hardware by the kernel.

+ - Perl 5.22 Released->

kthreadd writes: Version 5.22 of the Perl programming language has just been released. A major new feature in this release is the double diamond operator; like the regular diamond operator it allows you to quickly read through files specified on the command line but does this in a much safer way by not evaluating special characters in the file names. Other new features include hexadecimal floating point numbers, improved variable aliasing and a nicer syntax for repetition in list assignment. Also, historical Perl modules and Module::Build are removed from the core distribution.
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