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Comment Re: Centos = RHEL really (Score 0) 145

Because RHEL has direct support from RedHat and CentOS has community support. Since the src.rpm's are the same for RedHat and CentOS (minus the trademark graphics), I'm comfortable calling CentOS a clone of RHEL.

So if they are the same does that mean that the same day that I can download RHEL 7.2 I will be able to download CentOS 7.2 (yes I know that they don't use that version scheme)?

Comment Re:And 400 Linus Clones Cried Aloud (Score 1) 221

But C? Who da ELL uses that anymore? C++!! Notice the PLUS PLUS? That's double plus good!! Google wants the world to drink its coke. That is all. Men won't care about GO-ogle. Women? Numbers too small and, yes, Helen Reddy, very easy to ignore.

The GNOME desktop environment is too a large extent written in C, and so are many applications that target the GNOME environment.

Comment Re:Rounding error? (Score 1) 236

No, they just count each x.y as a major release, which is not unreasonable since there is quite a lot of new features going in to each of them. They started out at 3.3 since that's where they forked from OpenOffice; so there have been 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.0. That gives 5.0 as the tenth major release.

Comment Re:May you (Score 0) 330

Well, most of the times when you see those headlines it's because Joe Shmoe actually did what it said. It's not very common to be falsely accused and arrested for such things. It happens from time to time though and when it does I actually see those headlines too. And anyone doing even a half-serious background check will not stop there.

Comment Re:May you (Score 2, Insightful) 330

never be falsely be accused of rape.

So what? You WERE accused of rape. That's not going away, it's part of history. Any sensible person and most insensible people know the difference between being accused of something and actually being convicted for it. And if you actually were convicted for it, then deal with it.

Comment Re:Tape (Score 1) 219

Just realized I was a few digits off, saw that you said 0.5 PB. Somehow got it to 500 PB. Not that dCache isn't going to handle it, it will. But for as little data as just 0.5 PB a couple of disk arrays connected to a single server will usually be fine. Tape is still good for backup though.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 216

I wish Linus Torvalds had stood-up to Lennart Poettering and made it abundantly clear GNU/Linux and specifically the Linux kernel will never support systemd and other garbage.

It's actually been the other way around. The Linux kernel has implemented lots of features for a long time which almost no one used, it wasn't until systemd when that stuff actually started to get used.

It is getting to the point where Apple Mac OS X despite its limitations and crippled nature are beginning to look like a better option. Even the Google Chromebook looks better at times. As a long-time GNU/Linux user since 1992 the current direction of GNU/Linux saddens me.

If you want a traditional UNIX system then the last thing you should look at is probably OS X. If that's what you want then OpenBSD or FreeBSD is probably a better alternative for you, or even one of the OpenSolaris descendents.

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