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Journal Journal: addiction to technology

Are "we" addicted to technology??? Duuh! Technology starting with perhaps fire constitutes a metaphorical ramp up which we have been grinding slowly, with much sweat and blood for eons. There really are no guardrails on this ramp, and at this point in time the elevation of the ramp above "a normal elevation for the species" is more than adequate to ensure a terminal velocity should one fall off the sucker. I as an expert in such things recommend an immediate crash course. Try just for 1 day, eating out of a dumpster... Not up to that? Well, sleep on the back porch, don't stint yourself, use that big fluffy acrylic comforter. Maybe better would be to just give the matter a little thought. This bird flu thing might just reward a few momments of reflection in spades.

Chemist who falls in acid will be tripping for weeks.