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Comment: Re:thanks meat eaters! (Score 1) 135

by koona (#39161273) Attached to: New Avenue For MRSA 'Superbug': Pigs
OK, a reality check here folks. Take any of the "normal" human foodstuffs.these days: Wheat, rice, potatoes, carrots, celery, you name it, stay away from fruits and meats. Nuts as well for consistency.
Eat them raw, chew WELL. Note feces, gases, energy levels..
Now eat raw meat, fruits, insects, raw, gobble them down. You don't even need to chew raw meat or fruits Note feces, accompanying flatulences, sexual turgidities, kick ass attitudes
Then come back and tell me we are not adapted to eat meats, fruits, bugs.
I've done these various things because I have had to, so I know wherefrom I speak, on this limited topic at least.

Comment: Re:thanks meat eaters! (Score 1) 135

by koona (#39160751) Attached to: New Avenue For MRSA 'Superbug': Pigs

What's scary is that agriculture is staring down an increasing population, global climate change, increasing energy costs, peak phosphorus, increasing pressure on fresh water resources, evolving pests and pathogens, desertification, deforestation, greater demand for animal protein, and agriculture has to take care l that without expanding the amount of land under the plow, and we've got people having not based in science blanket opposition to what will probably go down as the most significant breakthrough in plant improvement since unraveling Mendelian genetics. Now THAT is scary.

Sorry for my premature reply.
I agree with the above quote, right down to "the most significant breakthrough" -->
The topic requires a forum format, a good week to define the various strands of the arguments, a few extraordinarily objective moderators to shuffle the input into proper categories, and another month to agonise through al the permutations.
Don't you think.
We don't seriously think we can do this justice in a one day /. extravaganza.
Do We?

Comment: Re:All this in the mist of global warming. (Score 1) 302

by koona (#38288226) Attached to: Russian Scientists Say They'll Clone a Mammoth Within 5 Years
C'mon, don't you remember that pygmy dude with the big meticulously crafted blade? He followed for days, creeped up when the elephant slept, and pranged him in the gut. Then followed for days till peritonitis set in. Hero of his people, all women were available. Hardly a Mamoth extirpater though.

Comment: Re:Ice Age Park (Score 1) 302

by koona (#38288114) Attached to: Russian Scientists Say They'll Clone a Mammoth Within 5 Years

It has been found that organisms vary considerably in the minimum viable population, and inherent genetic variability within that population, required for long term sustainability.

The original canary in the mineshaft, the african cheetah suffered from a low variability. Introducing new gametes solved that nicely.

Aplodontia rufa on the other hand seems to do very nicely with less than a loving spoonful.

Comment: Re:CK ref: (Score 1) 533

by koona (#37011498) Attached to: Wikipedia Losing Contributors, Says Wales
Yea, I'm with ya Skids. I added a reference to
Great Tits regarding small frozen bats not long
It has stayed there for a month or more.
Someone better aquainted with the system
than I, properly added the provided reference to
the appropriate section. The system worked as
advertised in that instance at least.

I miss the old magnetic perineum jokes.

A method of solution is perfect if we can forsee from the start, and even prove, that following that method we shall attain our aim. -- Leibnitz