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Comment Re:Honest opinion here (Score 1) 132 132

I use it for C#/MVC/WebAPI(REST) business apps. No node.js or python at work, although I do play with it outside of my work tasks.

Yes, if you're still using VS2010 I bet you're running into some issues.

One thing you might try is to make a \Code or \Source directory and move your projects there, rather than in \My Docs\VS\Projects - that does add a lot of unnecessary characters to the path name.

Very glad I'm working for a company that doesn't sit on it's hands with Visual Studio. Already have VS2015 installed on my work machine and I'm cleared to use it as soon as I get one our proprietary add-ins rewritten as a VSPackage extension. (They just nuked the old-school Add-Ins support in VS2015.)

Comment Karma is a bitch (Score 0) 136 136

That's what you get for unleashing your half-baked Git solution on the world. I've used it every day for two years and it is just a horrid mess. How many times I've had to do a "reset --hard" because a branch just shits itself for no good reason.

And what if I want to bring up two separate branches side-by-side to do some copying? Can't fucking do it in Git.

Linus, bless you for Linux. But curse you for Git. Git is Shit.

Comment Re:Honest opinion here (Score 1) 132 132


"At my current job, we use Visual Studio to write web services in C#. The experience has shocked me."

What is wrong with it, or more likely: what are you doing wrong?

"the 260-character limit of path & file names"

That's a filesystem limitation, not a VS issue. But what on earth are you doing that requires anything that long in a Web Service? Are we talking old SOAP web services or modern REST/Web API services?

Comment Eventually the first big cloud hack will occur (Score 2) 57 57

Then a lot of people/companies are going to hightail it back to local data centers. It's just a matter of time. Surprised it hasn't happened yet.

For internet-only companies, the cloud makes a lot of sense, but for a more old-school company it's just too much of a risk that too many are taking.

Some companies will be forced out of business the first long term cloud stoppage occurs, or even worse the first long term internet outage. Their people cannot do any work at all, cause they shipped it all off to the cloud, then the business cannot function. They are really going to be kicking themselves once they realize that all the money they thought they saved by using the cloud will be the thing that puts them out of business.

The cloud is still basically a v1.0 product. Too new to base an entire company's operations on until a few massive security breaches or loss of services occur.

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851 851

That's because the demand for the right stuff also increases demand for the wrong stuff.

That's a confused mode of thinking. You could just as easily say that demand for alternatives to it increase demand for it, because it causes people to turn away from those alternatives to a buyers market.

Comment Re:Say Good By to the Rainforests .... (Score 1) 851 851

Atheism has no tradition, stories of faith, or organizational structure

Wrong, right, wrong. There is organized atheism and there are "traditions" of a sort in that those involved in atheist activism tend to historically exhault certain influential figures of philosophical importance to them.

And wrong, you don't get to label atheist ideals as "faith" or "belief" because that is twisting words. You could say some have a fair degree of dogma, though.

Comment Re:More like a bad design for voting system (Score 1) 57 57

This. Part of these systems has to be that you cannot prove to another person how you voted, whle still allowing you to prove to yourself that your vote was correctly counted. There are schemes for that but they mostly require the voter to be intellectually able to trust mathematics.

Comment Damn the torpedos full speed ahead (Score 5, Funny) 151 151

If you're thinking of launching your own company... it's worth scanning the list to see if any of these potential crises are brewing in your setup.

I thought the whole point was to jump in head-first and just hope the thing gets bought by an aquisitions team from an established company or pull all the copper out of the walls on your way out and end up breaking even (and therefore having employed yourself for a year or three.)

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