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Comment Re:Assembly (Score 1) 390

After having watched numerous threads on xda fizzle because the participents didn't have the ASM chops to reverse engineer bootloaders, I think GP's point is pretty valid. Don't underestimate just how much control humble boot/driver ROM writers actually have over the landscape on which everyone else walks around.

Also learning ASM gives you a better feel for how the hardware sees your higher level code, so it helps to build instincts about what is likely to work well and what will drag ass.

BTW after x86 and ARM, or maybe even before ARM, MIPS is a good one to know.

Comment Even better: Let recruiters PAY you to find a job! (Score 1) 2

The whole thing is a sales pitch for a new site called June where you get paid to listen to pitches from recruiters trying to fill positions. With the extra perk of trying to build some Uber-like accountability into the process.

But this might be a good sales pitch. Too bad they didn't pay me to read it. But I'm guardedly optimistic, might actually pay attention to them once they get the thing launched.

Comment Massively parallel tests (Score 1) 311

Something that take a drop of every fluid you can produce, skin sample, breath sample and spits out several hundred thousands of data points, analyses them in an expert system, and produces the most likely diseases you are suffering from without knowing it.

Because almost everything the ails you produces the same stupid symptoms and doctors so often misdiagnose and mistreat, and prevention in early stages could stave off a lot of other costs down the line.

VirScan is a good example of progress. If it meets its cost targets, it will be a no brainer -- paying a hundred or so to figure out if you've had lyme disease is not attractive on its own. If the same cost can net a lot more results and prevent a good number of people who need specific treatment from being treated for chronic "catch all" diseases like "IBS" then insurance companies are more likey to take the pressure off doctors and let the testing can go forward.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

Can we stop saying AGW already? People who don't know what you're talking about certainly won't know what you're referring to, and I can never remember what the "A" means.

Just call it Global Warming already, don't be lazy if you think it's really important. It's more important to get the message across than use a vague acronym.

Comment Re:...against a common enemy (Score 1) 147

Take action RPG's for example. In Secret of Mana for SNES, if any player has the menu open, gameplay basically pauses and the other players can't do anything.

Similar problems in so many games. Even UT engine based things like Borderlands where the onscreen menus don't pause the game but they do not adapt to the screen aspect ratio and can be very finicky to use, or even see.

This would not happen if devs treated split screen as a full feature and not just an afterthought.

(Actually bothering to allow people to set aspect ratios in the first place would also make poor-man's-SimulView possible.)

Comment Re:Long time *NIXer considering switching to Windo (Score 1) 193

I sure hope so. I've always been a big Microsoft fan, .NET developer, Apple hater. But I upgrade my laptop from Win7 to Win10, then saw all the privacy invading stuff set by default, and converted back to Win7. Very disappointed in the current direction of Microsoft.

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