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Comment: Should I be a millionaire? (Score 1) 392

by kkovach (#28607103) Attached to: Jammie Thomas Moves To Strike RIAA $1.92M Verdict

A couple years ago, some punk kid crawled into my car through the open sun-roof and stole a case full of CDs. It had at least 24 CDs in it. Each containing approximately 12 songs? Does that mean I could have sued him for 23.28 million? Damn!

In all honesty, he did get caught and worked it off, and I did eventually receive a check for about $100.00. The RIAA needs to piss off with these ridiculous claims.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I guess I was reading /. (Score 1) 659

by kkovach (#26606309) Attached to: Bill Gates' Plan To Destroy Music, Note By Note

Don't you mean...

[queue Songsmith]
Bye, bye miss American songwriter
Drove the kids down to BestBuy so they wouldn't cry
My girls and boys will be singing all niiiight
Singing this will be the day music died
this will be the day music died

I seriously think my ears are bleeding. Please make it stop!

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