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Comment Even better: Let recruiters PAY you to find a job! (Score 1) 2

The whole thing is a sales pitch for a new site called June where you get paid to listen to pitches from recruiters trying to fill positions. With the extra perk of trying to build some Uber-like accountability into the process.

But this might be a good sales pitch. Too bad they didn't pay me to read it. But I'm guardedly optimistic, might actually pay attention to them once they get the thing launched.

Comment Re:Amazing (Score 1) 492

Can we stop saying AGW already? People who don't know what you're talking about certainly won't know what you're referring to, and I can never remember what the "A" means.

Just call it Global Warming already, don't be lazy if you think it's really important. It's more important to get the message across than use a vague acronym.

Comment Re:Long time *NIXer considering switching to Windo (Score 1) 193

I sure hope so. I've always been a big Microsoft fan, .NET developer, Apple hater. But I upgrade my laptop from Win7 to Win10, then saw all the privacy invading stuff set by default, and converted back to Win7. Very disappointed in the current direction of Microsoft.

Comment Re:Technical superiority means very little (Score 1) 279

" It may be related to their hiring process, though - it narrows the personality types that will work at Google in an extreme way."

Exactly, they are getting a basic clone mentality going on there. I took a look at applying there once and after a few minutes it was like "Nope, I got better things to do with my life"

Comment Seems like a good OS, but requires you to give up (Score 3, Interesting) 485

your constitutional right to a trial. They make you agree to binding arbitration instead. (Section 10 of the EULA).

That one really burns me. It's pretty unAmerican to say "Give up a constitutional right or you can't use our product." (Was that there before?)

How can this be legal? There's got to be a way around that. I have no intentions of ever suing Microsoft, but this rubs me the wrong way. What's next, you have to give up your right to freedom of speech?

Comment Re:Honest opinion here (Score 1) 132

I use it for C#/MVC/WebAPI(REST) business apps. No node.js or python at work, although I do play with it outside of my work tasks.

Yes, if you're still using VS2010 I bet you're running into some issues.

One thing you might try is to make a \Code or \Source directory and move your projects there, rather than in \My Docs\VS\Projects - that does add a lot of unnecessary characters to the path name.

Very glad I'm working for a company that doesn't sit on it's hands with Visual Studio. Already have VS2015 installed on my work machine and I'm cleared to use it as soon as I get one our proprietary add-ins rewritten as a VSPackage extension. (They just nuked the old-school Add-Ins support in VS2015.)

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