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Comment: Failure mode? (Score 3, Insightful) 73

by KlomDark (#49049641) Attached to: EU Preparing Vast Air Passenger Database

Perhaps we are entering another species failure mode that we will have to solve for. Computers and the internet are great gifts to humanity, but it seems lately to have taken a bad turn. Instead of uplifting the human race, it's starting to look more like a trap.

I've spent my whole life involved with computers and networking. Now at times I wonder if I will eventually regret my contributions to building this better mouse trap.

I personally find that the risk of a dark totalitarian period that lasts for hundreds or thousands of years to be more threatening than any terrorist threat these dark systems purport to protect us from.

Humanity needs to figure out how we want to use these new tools. All this surveillance mode machinery is not good. It just takes one evil dictator to get control of this to trap us in ten thousand years of darkness.

It's a sad fearful reality we are marching towards these days.

Comment: Yah right (Score 1) 305

by KlomDark (#49029949) Attached to: Alcohol's Evaporating Health Benefits

Sounds like a bunch of teatotaller biased bullshit.

Don't even drink any more, but this is stupid. Thinning your blood minorly once per day has got to be good for your heart rather than it pounding full strength all the time.

Whatever, this is nonsense. Next they'll say vaccines are bad for you...

This world is turning stupider by the second.

You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred. -- Superchicken