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Comment: Re:What women want (Score 1) 349

by khephera (#26985995) Attached to: How To Be A Geek Goddess
As a female geek, if I get stuck I go to resources such as,, or the forums for answers. And I will also go to men who I believe can help me. After all, we're in the same playing field and most times I'll get a good answer no matter who I ask, male or female. I think there are as many men as women who don't want to get into technology in quite the same depth as most of the members of this forum. I don't understand the automatic assumption by some people that women don't want to get as "up to their eyeballs" in it as their male counterparts.

Comment: Re:The Boss Decides... so be the Boss (Score 1) 396

by khephera (#26186011) Attached to: Is Finding Part Time Work In IT Unrealistic?
Even scaling down to 4 days a week has its consequences - I still have the same workload as before (early morning website updates from my home included), but am hit with a barrage of e-mails on my "days off" and demands for immediate additional changes to the website that I manage. So really, scaling back left me with no days off at all. I'm seriously considering changing careers so I can have some sort of life outside of the office...

+ - Critical .mdb flaw Found - Microsoft may Never fix-> 4

Submitted by
SkiifGeek writes "When independent security researcher cocoruder found a critical bug with the JET engine, via the .mdb (Access) file format, he reported it to Microsoft, but Microsoft's response came as a surprise to him — it appears that Microsoft are not inclined to fix a critical arbitrary code execution vulnerability with a data technology that is at the heart of a large number of essential business and hobby applications.

Where should vendors be required to draw the line when supporting deprecated file formats and technology? In this case, leaving a serious vulnerability active in a deprecated technology could have serious effects if an exploit were to target it, but it is a matter of finding the right balance of security and usability such that Microsoft's users are not exposed to too great a danger for continuing to use Microsoft products."

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+ - Is it Time to Start Ignoring Microsoft? -> 3

Submitted by
jammag writes "It's time for GNU/Linux advocates to quit casting Microsoft as the Great Satan, opines Bruce Byfield, a leading GNU/Linux pundit. "Things were different ten years ago...Back then, the community was fragile," he writes. But now, FOSS thrives in data centers everywhere. However, "over the years, we've developed a culture of hate, where bashing Microsoft proves our membership in the club. We've come to count on this opposition as a central part of our identity." Give it up, Byfield writes: "If you value FOSS, there are aspects you should be promoting — not the taunts more suitable to a high school locker room.""
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+ - Courageous Blogger Wins 1.5 Year Legal Battle!->

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FixYourThinking writes "After nearly one and a half years of harassment from a relentless attorney, it seems that quietly a blogger in South Carolina has won a monumental ruling in favor of bloggers. In a summary judgement requested by the Defendant Philip Smith was able to obtain a special sanction after the Plaintiff attorney put a "notice of lien" (called lis pendens) on Smith's residence. The judge also reprimanded the Plaintiff attorney for abusive deposition and court procedure. The case set forth the following; "It's not the format; it's the content and intention that make text journalism / reporting""
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SPAM: The Information Security Threat in the New Wiretapping Law 167

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

The NSA wants automatic surveillance capabilities in telephone switches, that others could use it to intercept communications. Within 10 years this could render the US vulnerable to attacks from across the globe, as well as the militaries of other nations. Such threats are not theoretical: In April 2004 phones belonging to members of the Greek government, including the prime minister,

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SPAM: Does the iPhone have a built-in spyware module? 2

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

The underground hacker team "web-Hack" from Russia released a whitepaper with results of iPhone firmware research where they reverse-engineered embedded functions. They claim discovery of a built-in function which sends all data from an iPhone to a specified web-server. Contacts from a phonebook, SMS, recent calls, history of Safari browser - all your personal information - can be stolen. Researchers as


Journal: Our Solar system was adopted? 4

Journal by mandark1967
Our Solar System is traveling at a 60 to 90 degree angle compared to the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy and scientists have now discovered why. It seems our solar system originated not in the Milky Way Galaxy, but in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy, which is in the process of being eaten by the Milky Way.

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