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Comment Didn't AdBlock development split at some point? (Score 1) 327

To beomce AdBlock and AdBlock Edge because AdBlock whitelisted some ads by default and made it difficult to remove those whitelist entries?

I heard something to that effect, any way. I can't remember when it happened but I remember a pretty big stink being raised about it and I swapped over to using Adblock Edge.

Comment Re:Car Analogy (Score 0) 113

That's a REALLY bad car analogy.

It's more like:

Chevy makes a Z-28 Camaro with a 5.7L 525HP V8 engine and sell it as such, with all sales brochures and commercials stating it has a 5.7l 525HP V-8 engine.

They also make a Base model Camaro with a 5 liter V8 making 450HP.

Both models hit their estimated performance targets and all performance testing results show the Z-28 out-performs the base model by the pre-determined percentage. As it should.

Chevy dealers around the nation receive and start selling base models with window stickers stating the base model has a 5.7L 525HP V8 engine. They also receive sales brochures and marketing info stating the same thing.

They sell the cars for 5 months, and someone finally decides to dyno test the base model. They discover it's only putting out 450HP. (As it was designed to do)

Chevy figures out what happened and comes back with an ad in Motor Trend stating, "Oops! Bob forgot to update the specs with the marketing department. sry, LOL. It's operating as intended so suck a fat one and get off my jock, kthnx!"

That's essentially what happened here.

Comment Waffle much? (Score 4, Interesting) 160

From 2 weeks ago:

"...the latest Phoronix end-of-year tests show the AMD Catalyst Linux driver is beating Catalyst on Windows for some OpenGL benchmarks. The proprietary driver tests were done with the new Catalyst "OMEGA" driver. Is AMD beginning to lead real Linux driver innovations or is OpenGL on Windows just struggling?"


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