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Comment: Re:Car Analogy (Score 0) 113 113

That's a REALLY bad car analogy.

It's more like:

Chevy makes a Z-28 Camaro with a 5.7L 525HP V8 engine and sell it as such, with all sales brochures and commercials stating it has a 5.7l 525HP V-8 engine.

They also make a Base model Camaro with a 5 liter V8 making 450HP.

Both models hit their estimated performance targets and all performance testing results show the Z-28 out-performs the base model by the pre-determined percentage. As it should.

Chevy dealers around the nation receive and start selling base models with window stickers stating the base model has a 5.7L 525HP V8 engine. They also receive sales brochures and marketing info stating the same thing.

They sell the cars for 5 months, and someone finally decides to dyno test the base model. They discover it's only putting out 450HP. (As it was designed to do)

Chevy figures out what happened and comes back with an ad in Motor Trend stating, "Oops! Bob forgot to update the specs with the marketing department. sry, LOL. It's operating as intended so suck a fat one and get off my jock, kthnx!"

That's essentially what happened here.

Comment: Waffle much? (Score 4, Interesting) 160 160

From 2 weeks ago:

"...the latest Phoronix end-of-year tests show the AMD Catalyst Linux driver is beating Catalyst on Windows for some OpenGL benchmarks. The proprietary driver tests were done with the new Catalyst "OMEGA" driver. Is AMD beginning to lead real Linux driver innovations or is OpenGL on Windows just struggling?"


Comment: FBI's 4-step process for solving crimes (Score 1) 78 78

1 - Accuse wrong person
2 - Wait for culprit to confess all over the internet and others to post identification of culprits
3 - Arrest (proof of guilt, optional, but not necessary)
4 - Profit!

See that?! They're so thorough they take the ??? outta step 3!

Comment: Re:I have three 3D Printers (Score 1) 175 175

TLDR; Rank
1 - Creator X - Lots of Media options, Dual Struding works extremely well, Great support from company
2 - Rostock - Greater Build Area, Faster printing, Cool-Factor
3 - Replicator 2 - Ease of Use

If you don't mind the "20+ hour Assemble and Tweak" process and you need the largest build area, the Rostock Max is the best option of the three because it has a larger build area and can print a little bit faster than the other printers. (though my dialed-in Creator X can print hella fast) And, like the Creator X, it can handle ABS/PLA/PET/Bridge Media. I'm currently designing a M-ITX computer case while I tweak mine. NO DUAL STRUDING unless you replace the print head with a dual extruder and re-calibrate everything

If you don't want to take the 20+ people-hrs building one, the Creator X is the best choice. I had issues with mine because it arrived damaged and it took a while to get fixed and dialed in. The support from Flash Forge was fantastic. They stood behind their product and I can't say enough good things about them. This is the one I use most now. Mainly because I am doing a lot of Dual-Struding. (Using both print heads on the same print) It's dimensionally-accurate (to sub 1mm) and I use it mainly to print Legos, motorcycle parts (Clutch/Brake Levers) and multi-color Common Access Card (CAC Card) holders which hold 2,3, or even 4 CAC Cards (NFL Team Colors, Blue & Gold for Navy, Red & Gold for Marines, Pink & Pink for Air Force pussies.)

I bought the Replicator 2 because it was my initial foray into 3D printing and I wanted an easy to use printer. It is "set it and forget it" easy to use. So much so that you should probably expect a call from Ron Popeil when you click "Print". Within 2 days of unboxing it, I started a 29 hour print project and never worried that it would mess up partially through the process.(which can sometimes happen with ABS due to temperature differentials in the piece being printed if it's relatively tall) I don't recommend it though due to the high investment and the mfgr's policies regarding support.

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