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Comment: Potentially very useful (Score 2) 38

by mandark1967 (#47968375) Attached to: New Long-Range RFID Technology Helps Robots Find Household Objects

I work at a large organization where we have several thousand computers, most with dual monitors and other peripherals.

It would be very beneficial if this technology allowed us to perform our yearly inventories by simply walking through each room carrying a tablet or laptop which recorded the devices present in each room.

We could then see, easily, if any equipment (like secondary monitors) were moved from room to room without permission.

Comment: Future Replicator 2 Upgrade Kit Plans? (Score 3) 69

by mandark1967 (#46715539) Attached to: Interviews: Ask Bre Pettis About Making Things

I note that the Replicator 2 and Replicator 2X share many components.

Will there ever be plans to release an upgrade kit for the Replicator 2 which adds a more powerful Power Supply, Heated Build Plate, and/or a second Extruder Head Assembly?

It would be nice to be able to add those options to the Rep2 in order to print ABS and other materials, or to do multi-color prints.

Follow up Question relies on the proviso that an upgrade kit is planned....

Will you shut up and take my money already?!

Comment: Wow there's a lotta negativity here (Score 1) 251

by mandark1967 (#46573755) Attached to: 3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

I didn't really think my submission was provocative but, based on the responses, it seems to have incited a lot of negativity for some reason...

I've had 1 part, and -only- 1 part "fail". That was due entirely to my design (I'm still a n00b, I admit)

My first week of ownership has been great, and I have recevied several requests to make items for, gasp(!), for real, honest-to-god currency no less!

I didn't buy it specifically to make money, but to learn and make things I need. I am also learning, however, that I "can" make money with it if I put forth a little effort...

Items I've made during my first week:

SSD Docking Station case
Dashboard to hold the speedometer/turn signals/ignition/GPS/Go Pro mount for my DR650
Fan Grills for my computer
Liliput 7" LCD back cover that mounts it into my spare drive bays in my computer case (so I can run my monitoring software there while gaming on my main screen)
Replacement door hinge kit for my Obsidian 800D Case
Wall-mounts for my surround speakers
Raspberry Pi case which also mounts a 4-port USB hub

I'm also currently in the design/prototype phase for a SFF HTPC Case.

+ - 3D Printing. Have you taken the plunge yet? Planning to?

Submitted by mandark1967
mandark1967 (630856) writes "With recent advances in working with different filaments (Wood filament, Nylon, etc) and price drops seen lately, I'm curious to know how many of you have decided to take the plung and get into 3D Printing. There are several kits available now or even assembled units that are in the same cost range as a "gamer" video card (DaVinci 1.0 for $499, Printrbot Simple 2014 — $399, 3d Stuffmaker — $499) I'm wondering if any of you have purchased one and how you like it so far. I've been in the computer field since the 80's but never did CAD work before so I was very hesitant to take the plunge, fearing the steep learning curve of mastering programs like Blender or AutoCAD. What I found, however, was programs like TinkerCAD and 123Design made it very easy to learn basic CAD so I decided to picke up a 3D Printer last week. After a week or so of design work and printing out many items, I think I've picked up a few skills and I can actually see myself making a little money on the side creating and selling items. I don't think I'd trade my current job for one designing and printing items, but it is nice to have a little income on the side if I choose to do that."

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