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Comment Believed in aliens ... (Score 4, Informative) 84

He said he had had an "epiphany" in space and later devoted his life to studying the mind and unexplained phenomena. He said he believed that aliens had visited Earth. ... Mitchell left the US space agency Nasa in 1972 and set up the Institute of Noetic Sciences which aimed to support "individual and collective transformation through consciousness research".

Source: BBC.

Comment UI annoyances ... (Score 1) 1304

Here are the UI annoyances I referred to in my previous reply to you (which is here).

The links following the title is a bad idea. The site made its community used to all links being in the text of the story, but someone decided that a link should go in the title. See this screenshot, and look at where "(" is? That is really annoying. Make it go back to where we are used to it (in the story text).

In this screenshot the background color is dark when the mouse moves to the drop down list. That is distracting and obscures the choices. The background color should remain white with no change when the mouse is moved in, as in this screenshot.

Comment Re:Long timer here ... (Score 1) 1304

The community already has a say (or sorts) on what goes on the front page, by voting on the firehose.

Perhaps it can be tweaked to give more weight for the community input.

But in all cases, editorial control should be maintained by a few who have varied outlooks. The front page should never be totally automated, because that is a recipe for ruining the site, as has happened to others (e.g. Digg)

Comment Long timer here ... (Score 1) 1304

I have been a regular visitor/commenter on Slashdot for over 16 years.

There are some quick fixes to be done, both technology and editorial.

- This site is about one thing: discussion! Not the articles, not the editorializing. Discussion is why everyone comes here. The stories are just jumping points for discussions.

- Fix Unicode. It is 2016 now, and it took a motivated programmer on SoylentNews a moderate effort to fix Unicode in Slashcode. Go get the fix from there.

- Stop linking to sites that don't display right with Javascript and/or Ad blockers. We are nerds here, and most of us disable Javascript and have ad blockers. Sites like Forbes is not welcome here, and daily posts by StartsWithABang are frustrating.

- Move back the main link to the article from the story title, down in the text. The colors make this link all but invisible, and we get side discussions of "there is no link in the story", "yes, there is, it is in the title", and these are unnecessary and frustrating.

- Freeze any UI changes. Do not even go back to the pre-beta version of the site. Just freeze it to what has been running for many months and users have gotten accustomed to. The exception is invisible links, and when foreground and background are the same color when mousing over.

Will post more if I think of some.

Comment That is not the point ... (Score 1) 728

Actually, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Mao did what they did because they were athiests.

Errr, no. And as someone who has studied Pol Pot a bit (due to family connections with some of his victims) it's clear that his atheism was not a significant motivating force in his rampage. And it's clear that neither Stalin nor Mao did anything due to their lack of belief

That is not the point.

No one is saying they did this because they atheists.

The point is that despite their lack of religion, they committed atrocities that are as bad as, and sometimes worse, than those committed in the name of religion.

If you go back to an age where polytheism was widespread, you will still see conquests and genocide. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had the habit of equating their own gods with gods from other cultures around them. Despite all this, they still fought bitter wars and conquered territories, ..etc, like what was done in the Middle Ages and what is done now ...

So, religion, or the lack of it, are not the cause of atrocities. It is humans who are the cause of it.

Comment War on Science and Data (Score 4, Informative) 284

Just a backgrounder ...

For the past 9+ years in Canada, we had a Conservative government (right wing ideologues).

They wanted to eliminate inconvenient truths that are against their ideologies, so they started a war on data and a war on science.

Here is a recent TV program explaining how despicable this is:

War on Data

War on Science

The new liberal government promised evidence based policies. One thing they promised is to reinstate the long form census which the Conservatives axed on false premises back in 2010.

So this is just undoing the damage done by right wingers ...

Comment Shrapnel from bomb? (Score 1) 289

This is a Daily Mail article quoting Pravda, a Russian newspaper.

Disregard the sources above for a moment, not known for being the most objective. However, look at the photos. They do show what appears to be shrapnel piercing the body from the inside out. Gives credence to the bomb theory.

Other indicators:

- USA satellite is said to detect a heat flash, probably from an explosion (could be a bomb or could be fuel tanks exploding)
- Egypt replaces the airport manager (then say, not this was not replacing, it was a promotion. Really? Days after this incident)?
- UK and USA say terrorist group chatter confirms it.

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