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Comment Wanted UNIX at home ... (Score 1) 136

Like some old timers around here, I was using UNIX professionally since 1987, and had to use a modem over metered calls from 1989 to learn more about UNIX.

I heard about Minix, and was following the Usenet group for it, when I saw a post by a student in Finland called Linus. It was not ready for installation on PCs.

I looked for other options, such as the various UNIX SVR4s from the likes of Dell and Everex. They required an expensive tape drive. CD-ROMs were not yet popular in the early 1990s.

Then in 1995, I bought a CD set which has a bunch of Linux distros, from Walnut Creek Software. The set included Slackware, Red Hat, and Debian. That was a life changing moment.

Fast forward a couple of decades, I am a full time consultant on open source (mainly Drupal and LAMP), running on top of Linux (mainly Ubuntu Server LTS). And I am typing this from my main laptop, which runs KDE Ubuntu.

Thank you Linus, and thank you Ian, and a few thousand more people who made all this possible.

Comment Yes, and for many months now (Score 1) 136

I have the same experience. For many months now, Gmail has been overzealous in marking stuff as spam. Stuff like daily emails from servers I manage with log digests. Emails about pending security package upgrades. Even when I specifically say that a certain subject string (e.g. "logwatch") is to be excluded, Gmail ignores that rule. It has been very frustrating trying to exclude stuff via filters in Gmail.

Comment Re:Who's gonna monitor the Saudi and Egyptian nuke (Score 1) 79

Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia are signatories in the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT). So, it would be very unlikely that either would start developing nuclear weapons now.

The general consensus is that it was a stupid move to sign for that while Israel, a neighbor and foe, did not sign the same terms.

Comment 2008 Toshiba Laptop (Score 1) 558

I am typing this on a 2008 Toshiba laptop. Nothing fancy. Intel Core2 Duo T6500 @ 2.10GHz. Upgraded the memory to the maximum of 8GB a year or two ago, and that made it fast enough. Of course it runs Linux (Kubuntu 14.04 LTS, yes KDE, not Gnome nor Unity). As long as it does the job, and fast enough, why replace it?

Comment Very popular in third world countries .... (Score 1) 66

The cheap Nokia feature phones are very popular in developing countries.

They are inexpensive, durable, the battery last for many days, and they do the job. Moreover, accessories are dirt cheap as well.

Need a charger? Need a battery? They are sold in haberdasheries and corner stores for very little local money.

It would be really dumb if Microsoft just killed that revenue stream.

Comment Other manufacturers too ... (Score 1) 45

Other manufacturers are doing away with physical buttons as well.

For example, my first Sony, an Xperia X10, had 3 physical buttons at the bottom. So did my next Sony, Xperia Arc.

Then my current Xperia ZL has no buttons on the front, just capacitive ones.

You get used to it though, and never miss them after a few weeks of adjusting.

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