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Comment: Re:Reddit made some observations (Score 0) 518

by juanfgs (#40529587) Attached to: Linux Users Banned From <em>Diablo III</em> Servers
Correct me if I'm wrong but I recall a story here on slashdotr when WoW started: some user complained that he was banned for using Wine, it turned out that he was using a programmable keyboard to automate gold farming. So this is definitely not new. Even though I don't like Blizzard bussiness model it seems that is just a common excuse and Blizzard it's pretty good at trying to deliver a decent gaming experience to linux users (taking into account they aren't a bussiness target for them).

Comment: At least it doesn't affect the whole thing (Score -1) 287

by juanfgs (#40410003) Attached to: Fedora Introduces Offline Updates

From: Fedora 18's features page

"Note that this feature does not prevent you from using yum and other commandline tools to install updates whenever you want to. We also differentiate updates of 'OS components' (which we want to do in this offline fashion) from application updates and installations, which should still be possible from the UI without restarting the system. The differentiation between 'OS components' and applications is necessarily a heuristic, since Fedora only knows about packages. The initial heuristic is that a package is considered an application if it installs a desktop file that is shown in the menus. This is not perfect and can be refined when additional metadata becomes available. Also note that this feature is about implementing offline updates for GNOME. Other spins are not affected, although they could choose to use the same systemd and PackageKit infrastructure, and provide a similar experience. "

So we will still be able to do "yum update", and packagekit will remain behaving "normally" on the KDE Spin (at least for a while). So if it's just an option for GNOME users, it doesn't seem to be a big deal.

What is scary is the logic behind these changes, which seems to be: "Windows and OSX have nice screens to update and reboot so we must reboot too"

Gnome specs on software update

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