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Submission + - OK, I admit it, Leopard has more "Wow!" th (

A. N. Other writes: This has got to be what Steve Jobs and the gang from Cupertino were hoping for — A hardened Windows user who is dissapointed by Vista is WOWed by the new features contained in Mac OS X Leopard.

"Browsing through the 300+ new feature (well, OK, let's first admit that "new features" is marketing hyperbole, some of the features have just been re-tweaked and modified a little) I have to admit that I went "Wow!" more than once. In fact, I might as well come clean and admit that Leopard looks like it beats Vista in the "Wow!" department."

The piece goes on ...

"I've limited myself to ten features here but I could have easily picked a couple of dozen more features that sound interesting and useful and that made me utter a low "Wow!" It seems that being in a distant second place in the OS market is actually making Apple work hard to come up with new ideas and innovative features."

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