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Comment: Re:Sexism = Sexy these days (Score 1) 635

by juanfgs (#48410555) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

You can judge a person's behaviour however you like, so sure, why not. You don't have any reason to assume however that (a) that's in any way a bad thing and (b) that you can harass her.

It's a lot less far fetched than judging an entire lab for a particular person choice of clothing and making them responsible of your judgement.

Comment: Re:Sexism = Sexy these days (Score 1) 635

by juanfgs (#48407373) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

this appears to be a very male dominated place where women appear to be treated as things to look at.

Yeah because that's a conclusion that one can come up with after looking at one dude shirt. Seriously, that's pretty much a non-functional and self-alienating way of seeing the world.

Seeing how other people dress and then jumping into conclusions about how it's their behavior based on that is pretty much what feminism criticized in the first place.

Comment: Re:Sexism = Sexy these days (Score 1) 635

by juanfgs (#48404011) Attached to: Sweden Considers Adding "Sexism" Ratings To Video Games

then yes she would have found it (a lab head with a shirt emblazoned with nearly naked women on it) very off putting probably to the point of not going there.

So what's the limit then? Should all wear plain shirts because someone can get offended? The ironic thing is that today's womans cloth are full of sassy and snarky remarks most of the time blatantly offensive, and even mysoginistic shit, so this can easily go both ways.

It's idiotic, and actually sexist to repress everyone just because we have to assume that women cannot handle their own feelings to the point of becoming non-competent if they see something that upsets them. Luckily enough most women that I know are way more strong willed than this. Feminism has become really strange lately, they want to perpetrate and enforce the same stereotype they tried to escape all these years.

Comment: Re:If this were ten years ago, I would have (Score 3, Insightful) 268

by juanfgs (#48359827) Attached to: GNOME Project Seeks Donations For Trademark Battle With Groupon

No, what they are saying is that they are the major contributors, which is actually true. So GTK is catering more and more to THEIR needs. Of course, this being Slashdot we should force their developers do things that WE like, despite us not contributing a single line of code.

I disagree with many of the design principles of the new gnome, but they are not obligated to focus their resources on a path that they don't want to follow. I don't see anyone giving shit to the people at Englihtenment desktop for writing a toolkit (EFL) that looks foreign on any other desktop environment.

Open source used to be about scratching your own itch, not forcing other people to solve your problems. If XFCE/LXDE likes GTK 3 but not in the way gnome devs want, publish patches to GTK3 allowing their code. If their patches are rejected, then we can really talk of gnome devs being a little dickish, but still the solution in that case is forking.

Then again, is easier to complain on the internet than to actually contribute code.

Comment: Re:Unfortunate, but not surprising (Score 1) 450

by juanfgs (#48344949) Attached to: Joey Hess Resigns From Debian

, the more talented users turn off to the possiblity of building stable user-facing applications on that platform.

You mean the more vocal slashdot commenters. I don't see developers running away en masse from Red Hat, Canonical or any real development projects.

The anti systemd grup is the linux hipster "my distro is harder than yours" types that has plagued LUGs, IRCs and Mailing Lists from the beginning. It's hardly the majority of developers

They are just a loud bunch, Linux will move forward steadily as it always has. If SystemD is a failure as they said, probably will be replaced in the future by a better thing.

Comment: Re:beta blockers? what have they smoked? (Score 0) 56

by juanfgs (#48315285) Attached to: Fedora 21 Beta Released

If I wanted no freedom and no choice, then I would just use a more popular commercial OS than Linux and be done with it.

by all means do it, since freedom in free software has nothing to do with your notion of "people should develop things that I LIKE" you are kind of missing the point on the whole thing.

Comment: Re:Why be a guinea pig for Red Hat? (Score 2, Insightful) 56

by juanfgs (#48313249) Attached to: Fedora 21 Beta Released

And to be fair, Fedora is rock solid as a workstation. At least for me it has been the least complicated distro to install, upgrading one time per year on my desktop and each 6 months in my laptop.

You have to get used to change, but if you are a developer not concerned with learning a few new things every year it's ok.

It should receive some more love on the desktop side, it's getting unintuitive for beginners.

Comment: Re:What system d really is (Score 0) 928

by juanfgs (#48308951) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd?

Not trivial. Not easy. Not freedom of choice.

There is no such thing as freedom of choice. I mean... there is still one choice, you can CHOOSE to develop your own distro acording to your own tastes and system design vision.

If you are solipsistic and think that everyone's job is to keep you happy, then it's not other people (devs) fault, it's yours. You have decided not to move on, you have decided that everything that gets consensus is too mainstream and your indignation is based in the fact that no one asked you before changing it.

You're actually trying to force everyone else to stay still until YOU can assimilate that technology is always changing. Technology has forced upon us a plethora of other things, be it social media, new standards, languages and technologies. Have you ever considered that nobody asked you before coming up with HTML5?

Perhaps the reason of this is that you are not as important as you think you are, and should eat your own ego and assimilate that society won't always choose things that you like.

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