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Comment: Re:So What? (Score 0) 642

by juanfgs (#48260035) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

Well, I'm not here to discuss theology. Just the truth about what the doctrine has said. I'm an agnostic myself.

What I can assure is that this pope is a skilled politician, and he'll probably get the best reputation since John Paul II . He called the vote on gay marriage because he knew it wouldn't pass, but "hey, it's not my fault, I TRIED!". And several other acts like acting "humble" by choosing the cheapest luxuries in his life.

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by juanfgs (#48250797) Attached to: Quake Meets Minecraft in FPS Construction Kit Gunscape

Graphics! Look at the graphics! You're not a true gamer unless you're elitist about graphics!

I don't know what a true gamer is, I'm a guy who play games, no time for making an identity from it. But sauerbraten does it better, and it doesn't even require a good graphics card, and it has been around for ages now. Nowadays it seems like developing stuff with shitty graphics, labeling retro and selling it half-baked is what's "in".

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by juanfgs (#48194257) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork

Oh and if you do manage to get it installed, you are left to search for drivers and utilities and to edit conf files for even the most basic functions like say multi-monitor support whereas with windows this is maybe 3 mouse clicks away.

YMMV In my experience is on windows which I have to hunt down for drivers, reboot after installing each one, install all the necessary programmes. On Fedora I only have to install the Nvidia driver which is 3 clicks away @ RPMFusion. If I try to play an mp3 the system prompts me to install the appropiate codecs, which takes 2 more clicks.

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by juanfgs (#48188123) Attached to: Ubuntu Turns 10
From that site

To paraphrase Eric S. Raymond on the issue, we see systemd being very prone to mission creep and bloat and likely to turn into a nasty hairball over the longer term.

This is not a beard contest, rest assured the furry ones among us are not sheeps.

Then there is the "systemd fork" called uselessd with some good points and lots of lulz.

I'm starting to think that all these guys are just a bunch of teenagers with nothing else to do.

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