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Comment Re: On paper, this is a good decision (Score 1) 120

we actually "know" exactly what they're providing and it IS basic internet service. All of the internet.

That would make this page rather redundant then. "Optimise for feature phones" - what they are offering actually seems more like WAP. It might still work for Africa, but India is already well served by LTE networks and cheap Chinese smartphones.

Comment Re:On paper, this is a good decision (Score 3, Interesting) 120

Why should the government be in the business of protecting local food sellers (and telling me what I can and can't eat)?

Because the government is the one who gets to pick up the tab when your local food industry has been destroyed by the multinational companies that are dumping their product, and for the health effects (even if the government doesn't pay directly for health, they pay indirectly through the effect poor health has on the economy). The government is the one who gets to pick up the tab when the local internet industry is destroyed because they don't fit into Facebook's ecosystem so there is no longer a market for their services, and for the long-term effect on education of being able to access only a limited sandbox instead of the Internet.

Comment Re:On paper, this is a good decision (Score 1) 120

But when you're starving, do you really want the government telling McDonalds that they can't give you free food because that wouldn't be fair to Burger King?

No, but I do want the government telling McDonalds that they can't give me free food because of the effect it will have on my health, and the livelihoods of local food sellers.

Comment Re:Hurts Japanese expats the most (Score 1) 104

Most of the Japanese expats I know are watching live TV via streaming sites in China, usually via a set-top-box they bought either in China themselves for $100 or from a local expat that acts as a distributor for around $300. I don't see this hurting them at all, given that it only blocks legal copying.

Comment Re:Celebrate? Lets mourn our privacy. (Score 1) 153

To clarify, Facebook is posting the videos (visible initially only to the account holder). The behaviour I was suggesting they are promoting is "mourning our collective privacy" etc, vs Facebook's stated intention of "celebration". I was not suggesting that Facebook is promoting relationship breakups etc, though I do believe they may be culpable in some case.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 0) 130

They are talking about taking a container which is commonly used for implementing the 'cloud' buzzword and using it to implement the 'IoT' buzzword. Someone pointed out that 'things' generally are a lot more resource constrained than servers, so they've slimmed down their 644MB container to 29MB. Good luck fitting that into the 128kB of flash in the typical microcontroller running your consumer electronics.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1829

You might be right, it might be my perception of time that has changed. Or 16 years ago when I first got moderation points, it was always 5 points, which I would immediately go and use. With 15 points, I tend to keep some of them around longer, so often the time expires before I've used them, and that might be what has made the time seem shorter. And probably I spend less time moderating, as I don't have time for sorting through all the -1 and 0 comments these days.

Comment Re:Not enough content (Score 1) 1829

Yeah, an option in preferences is a good idea, maybe a sliding scale for how much firehose content to include. For some of us, the fact that stories get filtered through human editors is a feature, and the quantity of stories is not a problem. I wouldn't mind seeing one or two of the top rated firehose stories on the front page, but others, who have more time to digest more stories (or perhaps the same amount of time, but don't bother with the comments so much) might want to see more.

Comment Re:Aim to not be Reddit, Hacker News, Stack Overfl (Score 1) 1829

It could also work if it was limited to a single story posted in a standard place on the page, so if it gets too spammy (anything that relies entirely on upvoting can be manipulated) it is easy to ignore. That way, real breaking news doesn't have to wait for an editor to make the front page, but the whole front page does not become full of spam. Human editors are really one of the things that distinguishes slashdot from a lot of other similar sites.

This works if the real intention is to fix the fact that slashdot is often old news, not so much if the intention is to automate away the editors to reduce cost.

Comment Re:The moderationg system needs an overhaul. (Score 1) 1829

I also find that when I get mod points, I often get more (15 usually, sometimes still 5) and they expire faster (1 or 2 days instead of a week) than in the old days. I usually don't use them before they expire, and I don't see any real problem on slashdot that looks like it is caused by not enough moderators, so I'm not sure that more mod points is a solution to anything other than making some users feel self-important because they got lots of mod points to (ab)use.

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