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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 104

Seriously, Al Jazeera is blocked in the US?

I know Dubya and co were targeting them and Reuters for being the only independent press operating in Iraq instead of being embedded under contol of the US military, but I'd have thought that within the US borders at least, your Constitutional Right to Free Speech was still being upheld.

Comment Re:Great thing, but can this really work? (Score 1) 418

A lot of the most successful northen countries, especially in Europe. are 80, 85, 90% homogeneous. Most of the immigrants come from similar countries.

Sweden is 80% "homogenous", it is true. And most of the immigrants come from similar countries like Iraq, Syria, former Yugoslavia, Iran, Poland and Somalia, you are right.

In the US, you're talking more around 65%~, and because of the size of the country, even those are divided in 2 (eg: on health care).

In the US as a whole, you are talking about 72%. In Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia its almost 95%. The US as a whole is pulled down by a handful of your biggest states, which have almost as many white Hispanics as white Americans. But keep kidding yourself that your problems are caused by not having enough Aryans.

Comment Re:dry ink (Score 5, Interesting) 223

Back in the early days of inkjet printing, Epson had their print heads on the printer, and the cartridges only held ink, making the cartridges cheaper than the competition. They also had separate cartridges for each color, while the competition (HP, Lexmark, Canon) combined the color cartridges into a single three cell cartidge and in some cases even included black in a four cell cartridge so you had to replace all at once. I was a light user, and had the same printer for about 3 years, going through two sets of cartridges in that time (maybe one or two more black cartridges). After three years, the printer was still in good condition and printing well, and I gave it to a friend because I was moving overseas. No inkjet printer I have had since has matched up to it. Unused ink clogging up print heads was an artificial problem caused by additives in the ink, it was never a fundamental issue with the technology.

Comment Sexist thermometer (Score 1) 388

The thermostat in my office is sexist by virtue of who controls it. It gets turned to minimum when some people in the office are too hot, and to maximum when those people are too cold. Were it not for equal opportunity policies, we could put it under control of a qualified individual who would set it to an appropriate temperature somewhere near the middle and leave it there (perhaps adjusting down in winter and up in summer to compensate for the type of clothing people prefer to wear in different seasons and also save some energy).

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