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Comment Re:Free upgrade prompted me to BUY RAM for 6 machi (Score 1) 120

Sales of standalone memory may have increased from people not afraid to open their PC and insert some more RAM buying more to keep old PCs going for longer, but what the article is saying is that sales as part of a new PC (which for the majority of consumers is the only way they will ever buy RAM) have dropped. The overall effect is that sales of memory has dropped.

Comment Re:If the black cabs have a legal monopoly... (Score 0) 214

It's about a livery company whose legally questionable practices and claims have drivers that are picking up hailed fares.

That's the black cab drivers' side of the story. The reality is that they are operating as a minicab business taking passengers on pre-arranged rides, which is perfectly legal, only they have replaced a phone call with a smartphone app / webpage. As long as Uber drivers are not picking up random people they spot trying to hail a cab on the side of the road, they are not infringing on the black cab legal monopoly.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 1) 340

The first racked up three charges for $900.00 in Japan

This is a similar situation to where my card has been blocked when I didn't want it. I had already advised the bank that I was travelling overseas, but when using my credit card to buy Shinkansen tickets for myself and my wife, the cashier tried to put them through as EIGHT separate transactions - one for each ticket in each direction, and one for each Shinkansen Express Supplement. The bank blocked them from the third transaction, and I got a phone call about 10 minutes later.

Comment Re:You need a study for this? (Score 4, Interesting) 256

When my kids were toddlers, a lot of friends used to comment on how well they ate. Usually while fighting a battle to force feed their own kids. If you shove food down kids throats, the only thing they learn from that experience is how to reject food.

A lot of it starts with the obsessive tracking of weight and height gain that doctors and midwives push onto parents these days, which makes parents unreasonably anxious about whether their child is eating enough. My eldest was tracking the lower 95th percentile for weight since he was born, and is still a skinny 10 year old despite eating adult sized portions. At first we were told we needed to feed him more, and almost ended up with social services assigned to the case, but after reviewing a food diary which showed him eating more quantity of more nutritious food than most toddlers his age, they finally left us alone.

Comment Re:Online retailers (Score 1) 317

1) Have a friendly guy in the shop who didn't look too closely at your signature in return for a couple of quid.

2) Have a moron in the shop who didn't look too closely at your signature.

Both of these are pretty common place

If you actually find someone working in retail who cares enough to not fall under 2, it'd probably take a bit more than a couple of quid to turn them into 1.

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