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Comment: Re:Amost sounds like a good deal ... (Score 1) 372

by jrumney (#47700133) Attached to: Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up
Are you sure that $10 is going to the actual copyright holder, not the multinational corporation that holds the distribution rights? If it is, then I'm going to have to start pirating content to support the artists. Because that's a much better deal than they're getting under their current contracts.

Comment: Re:Hesitant about Kickstarter and hardware (Score 1) 107

by jrumney (#47682835) Attached to: Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM
I'm not positive, but I think SEC regulations intended to protect old grannies' pensions from high risk schemes get in the way of what you are asking for. To make high risk venture capital investments you need to be an institutional investor or high net worth individual with experience in the field. Kickstarter avoids being an investment to get around this. Kickstarter makes sense for startups that never intend to grow beyond serving a hobbyist community, individual artists, craftsmen or engineers and the like. It is just greed to use it for starting a company that intends to grow to global scale and sell out like this.

Comment: Re:Hesitant about Kickstarter and hardware (Score 1) 107

by jrumney (#47682819) Attached to: Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM
If they're making hardware, they need to get bought out to fund the supply chain if they're going to be selling in quantity. In the traditional funding model, the early investors in a company are well rewarded for their backing when something like this happens. In the kickstarter model, they're lucky if they get a sample of the product 2 years late.

Comment: Re:I'm interested in this sort of thing for my hou (Score 1) 107

by jrumney (#47682791) Attached to: Samsung Buys Kickstarter-Funded Internet of Things Startup For $200MM
I had a lab-dashound cross (no idea how that happened - we got him from the pound). He was only a little bigger than a pure dashound, but had the bark of a fully grown lab. Someone tried to burgle our house one night and got the fright of their life as the sound of a large dog came at them from below their line of sight.

Comment: Re:Just stop already (Score 3, Informative) 68

by jrumney (#47682693) Attached to: Google Brings Chrome OS User Management To Chrome

Google Chrome has become as bad as IE in terms of hidden settings, or settings that are just not there. In Opera and Firefox, I have no issues accessing numerous networks. I can change network settings on the fly and have different settings for different browsers. With Chrome and IE I need a new browser installation everywhere, because Chrome either uses no settings or IE settings. Being able to set proxies and network settings in an add on browser is an important feature for testing.

IE at least has proxy support that works. Chrome is singularly terrible in this respect. Try using a proxy script with a file URL, pointing to an authenticated proxy and move between networks without closing the browser (Chrome now keeps a process running in the background even if you closed all your Windows, so difficult to avoid), and you'll see what I mean.

Comment: Re:Are there any reasons... (Score 2) 174

by jrumney (#47682653) Attached to: Tesla Removes Mileage Limits On Drive Unit Warranty Program
He is trying to build up a company from nothing to compete with the big 3 in just a few years. Having rumors of expensive repair bills looming at the end of the warranty period is not conducive to building market share, so this is nothing more than a sensible business decision (assuming only a small minority of drive units are actually failing).

Comment: Re: IPv6 (Score 1) 247

by jrumney (#47662429) Attached to: The IPv4 Internet Hiccups
In the early days IPv4 addresses were handed out in a way that kept routing tables simple, but some time about 10 or 15 years ago we started to run out of blocks that were in the right range, so started allocating them all over the place. It will take us several lifetimes to get to that stage with IPv6.

Comment: Re:What if it were Microsoft code (Score 1) 191

by jrumney (#47659973) Attached to: Larry Rosen: A Case Study In Understanding (and Enforcing) the GPL

Either Versata agreed to abide by the GPL (in which case they're liable to damages to XimpleHelp for violating the contract but are not liable for copyright or patent infringement since they had a valid contract for them)

If they violated the contract, then they don't have a valid contract for anything.

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