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Comment Re:Very pokey and slow (Score 1) 436

And likely the first iteration of commercially available autonomous driving will be focused on specific easy and low risk tasks like this (you could say that with adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning we are almost there already). Very low speed manoeuvring (autonomous parking) and long distance cruising on dual carriageway roads is the low hanging fruit of autonomous driving. Urban driving is where the hard stuff is, and while Google has made great progress it is still a long way from becoming universal.

Comment Re:Programming (Score 0) 586

You might do okay at coding web sites. But even then: if you don't understand how the encryption works, how do you know what method to use for encrypting the passwords on your website. Should you just take someone's word for it? (Answer: no. And yet that's how bcrypt became popular.)

In other words, any web developer who has not worked through their own proof of the Fermat-Euler theorum is not qualified to call themselves a good programmer.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 121

Seriously, Al Jazeera is blocked in the US?

I know Dubya and co were targeting them and Reuters for being the only independent press operating in Iraq instead of being embedded under contol of the US military, but I'd have thought that within the US borders at least, your Constitutional Right to Free Speech was still being upheld.

Comment Re:Great thing, but can this really work? (Score 1) 418

A lot of the most successful northen countries, especially in Europe. are 80, 85, 90% homogeneous. Most of the immigrants come from similar countries.

Sweden is 80% "homogenous", it is true. And most of the immigrants come from similar countries like Iraq, Syria, former Yugoslavia, Iran, Poland and Somalia, you are right.

In the US, you're talking more around 65%~, and because of the size of the country, even those are divided in 2 (eg: on health care).

In the US as a whole, you are talking about 72%. In Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia its almost 95%. The US as a whole is pulled down by a handful of your biggest states, which have almost as many white Hispanics as white Americans. But keep kidding yourself that your problems are caused by not having enough Aryans.

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