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Comment Re:Just stop now (Score 1) 114

London cabs don't accept credit cards?!?!

I'm pretty sure I remember paying for London cabs by card as far back as 1999 or 2000. I also remember more recent occurrences of having to ask cab drivers to stop at an ATM on the way, so I guess what is actually happening now is that all cabs will be accepting cards.

Comment Re:he should know better (Score 1) 316

This thing is so ridiculous. Any advertiser can accept or reject ads based on any criteria they choose, as long as the criteria are based on the content of the ads and not on who's paying for the ads.

So if they were to reject ads featuring black actors that would be OK, since the actors are part of the content of the ad?

Personally I am offended by advertising in general, but if they must have it, it seems a bit silly to refuse an ad because it intices people to harmlessly talk to an imaginary being in the sky, meanwhile they are perfectly happy to accept ads for companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola who are causing actual harm to the health of society.

Comment Re:video transmission (Score 1) 199

Presumably the device can be reactivated through the smartphone app as well as deactivated. So the WiFi needs to stay active. And since they cannot control the customer routers to ensure that Wake-on-LAN functionality is present, the main processor needs to stay active to continually monitor the WiFi. About all they could have done better is to deactivate the camera CCD and maybe put the main processor into a lower power state. But such things have a tendancy to introduce hard to debug problems around the time that things go in and out of low power states, so it is easy to see why they might have done the minimum to stop the video stream, rather than gone all out for maximum power savings (which might not be all that much of a saving in the end given what needs to stay active anyway).

Comment Re:Another possibility (Score 2) 68

They already tried this in a number of areas - by introducing large numbers of Asian Tiger Mosquitoes. The males will mate with the Anopheles Mosquitoes that carry Malaria, but no offspring will be produced because the species are not compatible. Since female Mosquitoes only mate once, this renders them childless. It works quite well against Malaria, but the downside is that Asian Tiger Mosquitoes carry Dengue and other diseases that are only marginally less severe than Malaria.

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