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Comment: Re:my ipad 2 still works (Score 4, Insightful) 281

What I find with my iPad 2 is that some websites have a lot more Javascript than they used to, and the iPad 2 isn't really fast enough to cope with them. Previously, those websites would have used flash, which didn't work at all, but generally you could still use the website without the flash plugins.

Comment: Re:I still can't understand this insanity. (Score 2) 183

Suppose I did a search for "ReekRend", and found an article that said you had been arrested for a suspected child porn offence. That might hypothetically be true, but what that article doesn't say, because it happened a bit later, is that the police dropped all charges after they found that someone else had stolen your credit card and used it to buy child porn. You probably wouldn't want the original article appearing every time someone searched for your name.

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