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Comment Re:America! F-Yeah! (Score 1) 435

90% of the population of Africa has access to a mobile phone. And you know this Apple pay thing that lets you pay using your mobile. They've been doing this for years using a system called M-Pesa. Yes, there are some backward places in Africa, but it is the same in the USA, with the Indian Reservations, rural villages in Upstate New York with no electricity and so on.

Comment Re:Microsoft Employee who breaks European law (Score 1) 195

Irish data protection law, not UK, but it is probably pretty much word-for-word the same as it implements the same EU directive. The differences will be basically the name of the regulator and the courts that enforce it, and that fines will be expressed in Euros rather than Pounds.

Comment Re:if you can't do it legally, legally you can't d (Score 1) 195

That's not the situation here though. The Feds are asking Microsoft to order Irish based employees of Microsoft Operations Ireland Ltd to break the law in their own country. Those employees are obliged to refuse to carry out that instruction, and could claim damages from MS Ireland in the local courts.

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