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Comment Re:Don't or Won't support Prime Video? (Score 1) 233

The question is not whether they are dominant in the streaming video sector, obviously they are not. The question is whether the are dominant in another sector, and using that dominance to move into the streaming video sector. Microsoft for example was not at all dominant in web-browsing software when the bundled Internet Explorer with Windows.

Comment Re:Before Anyone Gets Too Excited (Score 2) 139

No, the point is that people in other parts of the world pay a lot more for gas. So once these export facilities are built, the market price in the US would be the much higher global market price, less the $2.15 cost of exporting it.

In Britain for example, some of our gas comes from the North Sea, and rest is imported, either by pipeline from Russia, but they aren't very reliable and we try to avoid them, or alternatively we import it as LNG from places like Qatar.

To give you an idea, in the US, gas costs about $2.36 per MMBtu, in Europe it is and $6.15 and in Asia it is $9.10. So obviously anyone who can buy gas at $2.36, ship it across the Pacific and sell it for $9.10 stands to make a lot of money.

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