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Comment: Re:It's about cutting labor (Score 1) 237

by jonbryce (#48859849) Attached to: Google Thinks the Insurance Industry May Be Ripe For Disruption

In the UK, the vast majority of insurance policies are sold through web-based comparison services, and Google is by no means the only one, or anything like the most popular one.

We have for example comparethemarket.com , gocompare.com , moneysupermarket.com , uswitch.com , moneyfacts.co.uk and loads more of them.

Comment: Re:Time to abandon normal phones? (Score 1) 217

And 07624 is Isle of Man mobile (01624 is Isle of Man landline). Those calls get charged at international rates.

It is correct to say that mobile numbers begin with 07. As you pointed out, it is not always correct to say that numbers beginning 07 are mobile numbers.

Comment: Re:Time to abandon normal phones? (Score 1) 217

In other countries, it usually costs more to call a mobile than a landline, and mobiles have different area codes, for example in the UK, mobile numbers begin with 07, whereas landline numbers begin with 01 or 02. In the USA, you can't tell the difference between a mobile number and a landline number by looking at it, and the call cost is the same either way. The recipient of the call has to pay the difference.

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