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Comment: Re:Stupid? (Score 3, Interesting) 199

"They never leave the city (except to be sent to slaughter.) "
not always true.

"Their stalls are appalling."
That's a blatant lie.

" Often, they don't 'like' pulling, "
You have never worked around horse, have you?

"which is an appalling stable in this case."
again,l that's a blatant lie.

hmm, someone with the name VeganCyclist whose opinion is devoid of facts. I'm shocked.

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I can not imagine dealing with what a carriage driver does and not caring for horses. It would be a stupid, tiring, frustrating, and poor job to take.
They would be better off driving a cab.

What if those dog breeders had to take their dogs out into the public most days where the where scrutinized?
Plus, an abused horse make a poor animal to pull a carriage.

" especially the external dangers they face from cars or becoming panicked in the city."
How many of these trained horses panic? How many hit by automobiles?
FYI: 4 in 30 years.

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"we now live in a world where the car kills more children than anything else, "
that ios a good thing. I feel you should know that's mostly due to people not using seat belts and car seats. Also, there has been a 40% reduction of deaths from auto accidents for children. Oddly enough, poisoning and suffocation are skyrocketing.

Morbid fascination:


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So you did't read my link, and then made a long post which looks pretty foolish to anyone who read the link.
well done .

Modern car, less the 3% would ahve anything impact at all from EMP, and that would mostly be blinking dash lights that go away when you turn your vehicle off and back on.

"Nearly all of the available equipment that would be needed to build or repair infrastructure relies on either computers or electricity."
blatant ignorance.

"You might have that backwards."
I do not, and your post just underscores my point.

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