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Comment: More US hypocrisy (Score 2, Insightful) 114

by jodido (#48648853) Attached to: Cuba Says the Internet Now a Priority
The US has blocked Cuba's linking to the submarine cables that pass right by the island, so it's more than a little hypocritical from them to now criticize. Also, satellite is not cheap, compared to cable. Third, there are already a lot--a LOT--of Cubans on line through Facebook and other means. So know-it-alls with your sarcasm stick it somewhere else.

Comment: Not something new (Score 1) 188

As alarming and shocking as this story may be to some people, it's only the latest in a very long story of big-buisness press collaboration with the men that own and run the country. The idea of an "independent" press is something they teach you in social studies classes in high school, like the "checks and balances" BS, and is one of the reasons the "education" system doesn't educate. Newspapers are big businesses and the economic and political interests of the owners are no different than the interests of owners of oil companies or phone companies. You can start whenever you want but one of the best-known examples of this is the NY Times agreement with John Kennedy not to print the Cuba invasion story in 1961 (before the invasion); then slide through the (early) years of the Vietnam war (especially the Tonkin Gulf resolution, the Iraq war of its day). The Cuba coverup continues--when was the last time you saw a story that wasn't entirely negative?. Liberals like to talk about some supposed golden age of investigative journalism, when the press was somehow something different, but it never existed.

Comment: Arrest/charge him (Score 2) 463

The deputy should be arrested and charged with homicide (not murder--"homicide"=killing someone, charge could be manslaughter or whatever). Case should be investigated and brought to trial and allow a jury to decide. Should not be left to the DA--which is simply the cops in a different building--to decide the case in advance.

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