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Comment Re:Apple with just raise prices (Score 1) 875

Why do you think it's worth mentioning that Trump doesn't understand macro-economics? First of all, he probably does, just fine. Second of all, and more important, he and his supporters don't give a s*it about traditional economic "theory" or political theory or any of that other bull. They're mad and they want someone to fix everything.

Comment Re:Not anti-immigrant (Score 3, Insightful) 418

This is the wrongest part of his manifesto. Immigration--that is, the free flow of labor across national boundaries--strengthens the working class by undercutting national and nationalist prejudices, and anything that strengthens the working class hastens the demise of capitalism. His point of view is that workers are not capable of making history, only being the objects of history. This is wrong--if you don't believe me go work in a sweatshop for a few years.

Comment Simple solution (Score 3, Insightful) 444

A couple of others have referred to this idea, which I have myself suggested to individuals who were troubled by "privilege." Give away all your money, get a job at Walmart and join the fight for $15 and hour and a union. All your (previous) troubles will seem so far away, you will make new and interesting and sincere friends and you will be contributing to making a better world. What more could you ask for?

Comment Re:Makes sense considering (Score 1) 109

Evidence please? Do you have any actual facts about censorship in Cuba of the internet or are you just repeating what the State Department has been saying? For example can you name a specific site that is not accessible from Cuba? I thought not. In fact there is no comparison between Cuba and China, where there is enormous censorship. Just because both countries begin with the same letter as Censorship doesn't mean they both practice it.

Comment Fiorina and the ruling class (Score 3, Interesting) 488

That stuff about small government is for the chumps. The NSA and the rest of the police agencies are there to protect US capitalism. HP is a big US corporation. There's no reason in the world why she wouldn't cooperate with the NSA. Nor is there any reason why any other big corporation won't, whatever they may say publicly.

Comment Re:The edits aren't the problem (Score 1) 121

a. 99 percent of wikipedia users don't know there are audit logs let alone are willing or interested in wading through them. And audit logs don't tell you anything about prejudices or points of view. b. Wikipedia is pretty good for science stuff. The further you get away from science the worse it gets in terms of reliability.

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