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Comment: Re:Monopoly Claims Are Only A Cover Story (Score 4, Insightful) 101

by jodido (#47573945) Attached to: Chinese Government Probes Microsoft For Breaches of Monopoly Law
All the claims that this is "political" come from Americans, or are uncited. "The latest sign of growing...tensions" according to whom? "...a new friction point..." according to whom? "... said Alvin Kwock, AN ANALYST WITH J.P. MORGAN" [caps added by me]. How about what China thinks? I have no doubt Microsoft broke Chinese laws. Why should Chinese laws be different? And thereby set themselves up to be prosecuted.

Comment: On the other hand... (Score 0) 250

There was nothing preventing the pro-municipal fiber people from answering the Comcast distortions. It's called "debate," something which seems to have gotten lost in all the laws restricting speech, advertising, etc. If you don't like what your opponent is saying, say something else. If you can't answer it, then you deserve to lose.

Comment: It's all a fake (Score 1) 148

by jodido (#47356043) Attached to: Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions About His Mayday PAC (Video)
In the 1970s there were a bunch of laws passed that supposedly were going to greatly limit the influence of big money in elections. They all totally failed. So now you are going to try it again. "This time it's different."
It's not true that "big money is stealing our democracy." We never had democracy. If we did there wouldn't be any big money. Also--if the problem is big money, then countries where elections are publicly financed should have "better" governments. Name one.

Comment: Re:So will he go to jail upon return to the US? (Score 2) 190

by jodido (#47349501) Attached to: Eric Schmidt and Entourage Pay a Call On Cuba
This is a myth. The majority of Cubans in Florida are against the US blockade of Cuba (what the US calls "embargo") and for free travel to Cuba.

Comment: Legislative Theater (Score 1) 208

by jodido (#47071379) Attached to: NSA Surveillance Reform Bill Passes House 303 Votes To 121
There's Security Theater, and now we have Legislative Theater. Arguing about whether the law could have been "better" or "stronger" is just playing their game. IT DOESN"T MATTER what the law is. The ruling class--like every minority ruling class in history--will do whatever it needs to to stay in power.

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