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Comment: Re:How To's are so 90s.. (Score 4, Interesting) 108

by jnetsurfer (#27533401) Attached to: How To Build an Openfire Chat Server On Debian 5
I love Virtual Appliances. But HOWTOS are still necessary because I, for one, always question the security/authenticity of 3rd party VMware images. I use them to eval software and, if I like it, create my own appliance so I have full control and know there are no rootkits/backdoors installed...

Comment: Re:In my case (Score 1) 357

by jnetsurfer (#27533319) Attached to: How Does Flash Media Fail?
FWIW Many years ago a friend of mine dropped my digital camera into the ocean, when I handed it to her to hold while I exited a kayak. (She replaced the camera and the card inside). The card inside, a 256MB CF card, continued to work for almost 2 years after that. I never trusted it and only used it for things I didn't care about, expecting it to die at any moment... but it held out for longer than expected. And that was with salt water...

+ - Apple Counter and Contest to One Billion Apps

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Apple has posted a counter of App Store downloads. The lucky billionth gets to walk away with a stash consisting of a MacBook Pro, 32GB iPod Touch, Time Capsule and $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. The App Store now has over 30,000 applications."

+ - Time Warner to Offer Unlimited Bandwidth for $150 -> 1

Submitted by unr3a1
unr3a1 (1264666) writes "In response to a slew of criticism over its plan to cap customers' bandwidth allowance, Time Warner Cable announced new price tiers for a three-state trial. On top of a 5, 10, 20, and 40-gigabyte (GB) caps, the company said this week that it would offer an additional 100GB tier for heavy users. Prices (so far) would range from $29.95 to $75.00 a month, with users charged an extra dollar for every GB more they download, although that charge is also capped at $75. An "unlimited" bandwidth plan, therefore, tops out at $150."
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+ - Conficker meltdown, ten days later...->

Submitted by
KingofGnG writes "More than a week after the 1st of April, the day when the Internet stood still because according to the press the Conficker worm could have destroyed the net, the infrastructures, civilized mankind and the entire planet things are going more or less as usual: Internet remains a dangerous place but it hasn't exploded like a supernova, and bit are flowing quickly from a part to another one of the planet. The true novelty is that the botnet built up by one of the most complex malware ever finally shows what its true purpose is."
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+ - Linux CIFS vulnerability discovered->

Submitted by jnetsurfer
jnetsurfer (637137) writes "A vulnerability in the CIFS client in the Linux Kernel code makes it possible for a manipulated SMB server to cause users systems to crash or be compromised. The problem is caused by a buffer in the CIFSTCon function in fs/cifs/connect.c file being too small. This function is used when the server responds to a connection request for a resource, known as a Tree Connect."
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