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Comment: What would be wrong with more requirements? (Score 2) 74

by EmagGeek (#48026811) Attached to: California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Warrants For Drone Surveillance

The constitution is there to limit government. There is nothing wrong with limiting government more than the bare minimum limits defined by the constitution. In fact, I would say there is a good case today for rewriting the constitution using far more strict, unambiguous modern language with far more limitations than it currently has.

+ - Practice Does Not Make Perfect->

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Scroatzilla (672804) writes "What makes someone rise to the top in music, games, sports, business, or science? This question is the subject of one of psychology’s oldest debates. Malcolm Gladwell's "10,000 hours" rule probably isn't the answer. Recent research has demonstrated that deliberate practice, while undeniably important, is only one piece of the expertise puzzle—and not necessarily the biggest piece."
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Comment: Re:You are wrong! (Score 1) 20

by RailGunner (#48022479) Attached to: You're all right
Except there is no evidence in the fossil record to support this, either.
In your example, divergent populations B and C are still fertile with each other.

A great example is the artificial construct of race in humanity. Groups that diverged based on isolation and adapted based on climate, yet any fertile male and any fertile female can still produce offspring.

Comment: It's not forced bundling with the OS. (Score 2) 376

People aren't being forced to install the GMS to sell an Android phone. They are, however, being forced to install the entire GMS or none of it. There's no unbundling of just one or two apps and leaving the rest uninstalled. So if you want to sell an Android that has for example the GMail app or the Google+ app (or the Play Store app, which is the big clincher) then you have to install the others.

Comment: Re:Google has 20 apps? (Score 1) 376

This is from my head, so I'm sorry if it's not complete or includes apps not considered part of the GMS suite.

Other than Gmail, Play Store, Youtube, and Maps I can think of:
Play Music, Play Books, Play Games, Play Movies & TV, Play Newsstand, Google search, Google voice search, Google Translate, the Chromecast app, Google+, Google Now, Drive, Chrome, Hangouts, and Google Wallet.

That's nineteen of the twenty I guess. I don't really use the movies/tv app or the newsstand app. The rest I do to some extent. I wonder if the separate Google Settings icon is considered part of the apps suite, or if maybe the Chromecast integration isn't.

Are the default clock, calendar, contacts, calculator, and SMS messaging app (that they keep trying to obsolete in favor of Hangouts) part of the suite?

Google as it turns out has a list of apps for Android and another for iOS in case you want their apps on Apple hardware. Some of those I didn't think to list above.

Comment: Re:You are wrong! (Score 1) 20

by RailGunner (#48019131) Attached to: You're all right
Microevolution, as in, the adaptation of the species, happens all the time.
Macroevolution, as in, an offspring is mutated into a species that is unique and cannot reproduce fertile offspring with members of the prior species happens never.

There is no evidence of Macroevolution in the fossil record.

Comment: Square peg, round hole (Score -1) 94

Wikis work if people constantly modify and tune them, and provide content. They don't complete themselves. It sounds like you need trainers, rather than throwing nontechnical people at what is essentially a technical solution.

When did you already tell your boss you'd have this done by?

Comment: Anarchy??? (Score 5, Insightful) 289

The Internet has already descended into Anarchy.

That's why we like it. The rules are made by the people who own/run/create/manage it, by mutual agreement, not enforced from the top down. If people don't agree, they go their separate ways, because you can't be forced to allow someone on your network if they violate your network's rules.

The Internet is fine. We like it how it is. No need for more government regulation to ruin it on behalf of those with influence with government officials/politicians/bureaucrats.

Comment: Re:Largest Ponzi Scheme Ever (Score 4, Insightful) 113

by mc6809e (#48015319) Attached to: Mystery Gamer Makes Millions Moving Markets In Japan

So, no studying PtoE, company fundamentals, etc. etc. Further proving that the Stock Market is almost entirely disconnected from the underlying companies. Basically, it's a Ponzi scheme.

This is true mostly for new or trendy companies in trendy spaces. Boring companies that have been around for a long time are often priced based on the future dividends they're expected to pay. They don't get any attention, though, because those that make money on speculating can't make any money by trading them. The speculators and brokers don't want people paying attention to fundamentals. Volumes would plummet so how would they make money? There would be no churn. And then they'd have to sell the million dollar Manhattan apartment where they keep their mistress.

It's similar to the difference between trading Beanie Babies (or whatever faddy collectible is popular now) and something like wheat.

The US government would have invested Social Security in the Stock Market, but they can't find a spokesperson from the financial industry you can advocate the scheme without drooling at the prospect.

The US government already invests that money by spending it and leaving a bond in its place.

And how did they invest it? Well, there are some big craters in Iraq and Afghanistan now. Bingo halls and casinos also seem to have profited.

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