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Comment Re:Damned if you do and damned if you don't (Score 1) 244

Do not ban protests und tell everyone that in deciding this there is a risk but in our opinion it's worth it.

That would be great except for the following issues.
1. Not everyone is at or near the protest voluntarily. There are many who have to be there; those who work in the area, those who live there, security personnel, people attending the conference, etc. If any of these get hurt or killed the government will be blamed.
2. Even if people are warned and something happens they, or their loved ones, will blame the Government for understating the risk.

It has only been a couple of weeks and Daesh is still making threats so the tension is still high. Lets ere of the side of safety

Comment Damned if you do and damned if you don't (Score 1) 244

Scenario 1; Ban protesting and be labelled a oppressive government.
Scenario 2; Do not ban protests and a terrorist attack occurs during the protest. The Government is blamed for the attack as they allowed the protest.

In a large protest it is impossible to differentiate between lawful protesters in masks and terrorists getting ready to attack.

Comment Re:Though I completely support the idea in princip (Score 1) 316

theatre has right to sell advertisement space

The theater also had a right to not advertisement space to any segment that chose as long as they do not discriminate within that segment. For example they could not take Anglican advertisements but refuse Catholic advertisements.

You missed the point of this whole discussion. This theater chain does not sell advertising time to any religious/political organization. Some say they should be forced to as it is censorship while I, and many others, say they should have the choice. If they chose to sell to religious advertisers then your "suck it up" argument would be valid. That is not the case here. This is a discussion as to whether or not the theaters should be forced to sell to religious/political advertisers. I say no.

Comment Re:Geothermal (Score 1) 193

Problems with this "solution".
Geothermal requires large amounts of water. It either has to be naturally occurring in the rock or pumped in. There also has to be sufficiently hot rock close to the surface to heat the water. Places there naturally occurring water is near hot rock are pretty rate which limits availability.

Solar/wind is very bad at dealing with spikes. To do that you need what is called dispatchable electricity. Basically electricity that can be turned up, "dispatched", on demand. It is impossible to turn up the wind/sun when needed. This can be decreased by the use of storage but then there is the added cost/complexity and there is still a limit to how much is stored.

Comment Re:How DARE you apply the Rule of Law in this cour (Score 1) 222

But what I am completely against is the notion that it's okay to punish the innocent, in any number or capacity whatsoever, just to make it a little bit easier to punish the guilty.

Do you even look at it from the other side? If it takes a couple of years to come to trial the value of the posted item will be zero at that point as it will have been widely distributed and widely available. Without things like DMCA take down creators will have little viable property rights on digital media.

I just believe that both need to be reformed

You seem to have no better solution to balance the rights of creators and posters. There are two conflicting rights; the property rights of the creator and the speech rights of the poster. Balancing those two can be difficult. It is very easy to point at something and say it is wrong but it is much harder to come up with a better idea. You have done the easy work. How about trying the hard work. What reform would you like to see? (Hint throwing it out and not replacing it is not a reform)

Comment Re:How DARE you apply the Rule of Law in this cour (Score 1) 222

You're assuming that every takedown is, in fact, valid

No, I am assuming that at least some of them are valid and taking a couple of weeks to sort things out is not an undue burden on the person posting the item. Yes DMCA has been misused and the process needs to be fixed not thrown away.

Frankly, when we're talking about fundamental human rights vs. the hypothetical value of some record labels latest 4-minutes of autotune,

I never knew that copying other people's work was a fundamental right. What about the album put out by the band the poured all their money into making it just to get no return and go bankrupt. What about the movie that cost millions to film? Don't the people who invested deserve to be compensated?

People come before quarterly profits

There are people that created those items and own the rights to them. What about them?

It not so much you are against DMCA but copyright in general.

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