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Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 567

If many of those 602 used life-threatening resistance, they weren't nearly as effective as the police in using deadly force.

So you want police to use less effective tactic to even out the statistics?

they are more likely to die from accidents than targeted violence?

From your own numbers 46 were killed by accidents. I believe that 65 is a much larger number than 46. Another issue is that police have control over their own actions but have no control over accidents. Any human being will do their best to protect their own life. If you look like you are going to kill me and I have the means I will kill you first. I have no control over the bus I didn't see coming and accept that risk.

Me personally, I'd rather take a bullet and die from it than shoot a 12 year old over my own fear. Especially if it was my job to protect innocent lives.

I guess you don't have a family. Most cops want to do their jobs and get home to their families.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 567

Police officers are more likely to die from causes other than gunfire.

From your citation of 1330 officers killed in 2014 47 were killed by gunfire. That is 42% of the total and the single largest cause of death.

the number of officers killed by gunfire continues to decrease over time.

Perhaps that is due to the offenders not getting a chance to shoot first?

Yet we still see numerous stories of police actions that result in unarmed people being killed.

If you are unarmed then follow police orders and don't act like you are armed.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 567

The extra privileges are very few and strictly defined.

So we agree that police have extra privileges. Do you really think the police should have parked in the lot and ran towards someone reportedly brandishing a firearm and aiming it at people? They needed to get close as quickly as possible under as much protection as possible.

The police weren't out of their car for longer than about 2 seconds before they shot.

He sees the cop car coming so instead of standing still he walks toward the officers and tries to take the gun from his waistband. If that had been a real gun, which it looked like, the kid could have shot in the next second.

I don't give a damn if they irrationally feared for their lives under these circumstances.

From hindsight it may appear irrational but considering the number of cops that die or are injured each yearI think you are way off. Did you also miss the point that earlier the kid was pointing the gun and scaring people in the park?

Put yourself into a situation where you have 2 seconds to make a life or death decision. Given the information the officer had and the actions of the kid he made the correct one.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 567

There is a huge body of evidence that shows a hell of a lot of police abuse their powers and violate peoples constitutional and legal rights all the time just for the hell of it.

There is a much bigger body of evidence that show most cops are the exact opposite of that statement.

Not addressing this aspect of policing escalates the problem.

So does teaching people to disobey all cops, treat them with disrespect and/or not talk to police who are trying to solve crimes. Both sides need to change. Better yet how about we work together instead of blaming each other?

I am a white male and when I see police officers approaching I face them and keep my hands visible. I do this to show I am not a threat. Since I am not a threat to them they don't threaten me.

I agree with the GP. Kids need to be taught how to deal with authority. Sorry but "F*UCK YOU" is not the proper response to "take your hands out of your pockets". Also the bad cops need to be weeded out. Two sides moving further apart is a recipe for disaster.

Comment Re:Highest Profit (Score 1) 567

Nowhere can you drive a car on to the grass (already illegal for a civilian),

Police on a call can do many things that civilians can not do. Speeding for example.

pull a gun on a 12 year old

The kid did have what appeared to be a gun.

and fire first.

It is difficult to fire second if the first shot killed you.

Comment Re:"For now"? (Score 2) 108

To go a little further into what the OP is saying, the "for now" seems to be a criticism that there is not a law outlawing the requirement. This is a false premise. A law is not permanent. It is only in effect until another government comes along and changes it. Even a constitutional amendment can be changed (see prohibition). In effect everything a government does is "for now". The only difference is how easy it is to make a change. With no law it is very easy. With a law it is a bit harder. With a constitutional amendment it is very hard.

If you don't understand that everything a government does is "for now" you have a problem.

Comment Re:The Line (Score 1) 927

You say this, but then you follow it up with making it a gender issue by saying this:

The issue about whether bullying is acceptable is not a gender issue in that both men and women are put off by such speech. The backlash is a gender issue in that I have only seen men say "suck it up".

In a meritocracy, which all technical projects should strive to be, being right is directly equated with your worth as far as the project's concerned.

There should be a lot of merit in saying "yup your idea is better than mine" rather than browbeating someone else into submission. The problem with having to be right all the time is that some people defend wrong ideas just so they are not seen as wrong. It reminds me of a Klingon programmer quote "How dare you question my code. I should kill you where you stand."

As for Linus, he gets a pass as he is the creator and should be using the cluebat. When too many other start acting like him it becomes a toxic environment. There has to be some compromise between "fluffy bunny" and "whoever shouts the loudest wins".

Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Three Mile Island was 1979 and Chernobyl was 1986. Don't you think technology has advances in 30 years. Even Fukushima is minor compared to the number of people killed by emissions from coal plants. The difference is when nuclear goes bad the damage can be very big. People get used to a few thousand extra people dying every month due to coal plant emissions.

Comment The Line (Score 2, Insightful) 927

There is a place for profanity laced arguments. There are times when the cluebat need to be applied. They should be the exception and preferably done in private. The problem comes when every discussion quickly devolves into name calling and profanity. It has the following effects;
1. Less discussion as people drop out as vitriol ensues.
2. Fewer participants as people never come back.
3. Distraction from the real subject. It becomes an insult contest rather than a discussion.
4. Fewer discussions as many don't want to start arguments.
In the end it created smaller communities and worse code. Just because you can bully someone into agreeing does not make you right; just a more effective bully.

Just because a woman has brought it up does not make it a gender issue. In the end this is not a man or woman issue it is a civility issue.

To all those who say "women should get thicker skins and not take things personally" I say "certain men should stop equating being right with their worth/masculinity or go back to the cave where they belong".

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