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Comment Re:"For now"? (Score 2) 105

To go a little further into what the OP is saying, the "for now" seems to be a criticism that there is not a law outlawing the requirement. This is a false premise. A law is not permanent. It is only in effect until another government comes along and changes it. Even a constitutional amendment can be changed (see prohibition). In effect everything a government does is "for now". The only difference is how easy it is to make a change. With no law it is very easy. With a law it is a bit harder. With a constitutional amendment it is very hard.

If you don't understand that everything a government does is "for now" you have a problem.

Comment Re:The Line (Score 1) 925

You say this, but then you follow it up with making it a gender issue by saying this:

The issue about whether bullying is acceptable is not a gender issue in that both men and women are put off by such speech. The backlash is a gender issue in that I have only seen men say "suck it up".

In a meritocracy, which all technical projects should strive to be, being right is directly equated with your worth as far as the project's concerned.

There should be a lot of merit in saying "yup your idea is better than mine" rather than browbeating someone else into submission. The problem with having to be right all the time is that some people defend wrong ideas just so they are not seen as wrong. It reminds me of a Klingon programmer quote "How dare you question my code. I should kill you where you stand."

As for Linus, he gets a pass as he is the creator and should be using the cluebat. When too many other start acting like him it becomes a toxic environment. There has to be some compromise between "fluffy bunny" and "whoever shouts the loudest wins".

Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 3, Insightful) 139

Three Mile Island was 1979 and Chernobyl was 1986. Don't you think technology has advances in 30 years. Even Fukushima is minor compared to the number of people killed by emissions from coal plants. The difference is when nuclear goes bad the damage can be very big. People get used to a few thousand extra people dying every month due to coal plant emissions.

Comment The Line (Score 2, Insightful) 925

There is a place for profanity laced arguments. There are times when the cluebat need to be applied. They should be the exception and preferably done in private. The problem comes when every discussion quickly devolves into name calling and profanity. It has the following effects;
1. Less discussion as people drop out as vitriol ensues.
2. Fewer participants as people never come back.
3. Distraction from the real subject. It becomes an insult contest rather than a discussion.
4. Fewer discussions as many don't want to start arguments.
In the end it created smaller communities and worse code. Just because you can bully someone into agreeing does not make you right; just a more effective bully.

Just because a woman has brought it up does not make it a gender issue. In the end this is not a man or woman issue it is a civility issue.

To all those who say "women should get thicker skins and not take things personally" I say "certain men should stop equating being right with their worth/masculinity or go back to the cave where they belong".

Comment Re:All about Taxi Laws (Score 5, Insightful) 471

Personally i like the sharing culture Uber promotes.

Uber is "ride sharing" in the same way pizza delivery is "food sharing". Namely it is not. With Uber you hire a vehicle and driver to take you from one location to another. There is no "sharing" involved. Sharing would be if the driver planned to go from A to B and picked up someone else who happened to be going the same way. For example, many non-profit commuter services are ride sharing as do just that. That is not what Uber does.Being an Uber driver is a part time job and nothing else.

Comment Re:Uber is as safe as taxis (Score 5, Insightful) 471

How about these requirements that taxi companies have to adhere to.
- Availability of handicap accessible vehicles.
- Minimum number of cars on the road.
- Minimum wages for drivers.
- Vehicle inspections. I know safety may not be an issue now but give it a few years when Uber drivers wear out their current cars but can not afford a new one.
- The requirement to pick up anyone regardless of race, colour, gender, etc.
- A company responsible for the behavior of the driver. Uber is not as they say their review system will handle it. It may in the long run by there is no one to make drivers clean up their act.
Right now Uber is in a honeymoon state. Most of their drivers are happy and courteous. Wait about ten years when drivers have been jaded by low fares and bad customers. Then there will be even worse problems finding a cab. Today's regulations didn't just spring out of thin air. They were built up over years to deal with issues in the industry. Uber ignores those regulations and therefore their costs are lower.

For example, cleanliness of the ride, courtesy of the driver, and gypping the customer can be handled by the Uber feedback system.

It works until Uber gets too many complaints and they can not keep enough drivers on the road to service their customers. When making a choice between minor complaints and not enough drivers Uber will probably ignore the complaints.

Comment Re:Budget? (Score 1) 211

in the long term we get a Mars Outpost

Which has no economic benefit to Earth and in fact has a drain as it has to be maintained by future missions.

in the short term we get lots of science and the off-shoots of that science.

That science could also be obtained by spending much less money on direct funding of that science rather than as an offshoot. I also wonder how the science and design around many of the technologies needed in space will have application on Earth.

I would rather spend 10% of the Mars costs on direct research that waste the 90% on science for science sake.

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