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Comment: Re:Ukraine? (Score 1) 225

by jklovanc (#49350565) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Germany, on the other hand, was a small, massively industrial country between the size of the 4th and 5th largest US states (Montana and New Mexico) and smaller than Severo-Kavkazsky federalny okrug, the second smallest of the nine federal districts of Russia.

According to this the population of Montana in 1936 was about 554k. According to this Germany had a population of 65M and the US had a population of 122M. Germany was 117 times as big as Montana. Your numbers are a bit off. Russia had a population of 131M. If you are talking land area then you are looking at the wrong numbers. Land area is meaningless when calculating ability to wage war. By that logic Mongolia should be quite powerful but it is not. Population is the most important factor. Then there is the recent memory of WW1 and had a desire to avoid another war with Germany at all costs. No WW1 Allied Power in Europe wanted to lose another generation of young men so soon. Hitler gambled on the US not getting involved and he was almost right.

Putin may be trying to follow Hitler's path but the west isn't. You need to take the whole time frame into context not just isolated actions.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1) 262

There is too much "victim" mentality in the world defined as the "I am a victim. Some bad person did something bad to me. There is nothing I could do. I am helpless". That mentality leads to inaction and depression. An alternate view is "Some bad person did something bad to me. What could I have done or could do in the future to not have that happen again. I can make a difference". The second view is much more uplifting and empowering than the first.
There is an old saying "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me". People need to take responsibility for dealing with things when shit happens.

if you're not particularly bright or possessed of self-awareness.

I am very self-aware. I am aware that I can only control myself and I need to deal with and protect myself from the bad stuff other people do.

Comment: Re:Ukraine? (Score 1) 225

by jklovanc (#49342225) Attached to: How Nuclear Weapon Modernization Undercuts Disarmament

Just pointing out how the Sudetenland is different than Ukraine.

All kinds of noise was made about Hitler's early moves, it's just that other than noise, everyone sat.

The difference is that France and England activly tried to appease Hitler by giving him land. That is not happening in the Ukraine. No foreign power had done anything close to that.

Not saying there's much to conclude from that, but it's certainly a similar thing thus far.

Sorry but the situations are very different.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1) 262

The barrier is a data plan or a data link that does not use cellular bandwidth. The only difference between Wikipedia Zero and the rest of the web is that you don't get charged data rates for Wikipedia Zero in some countries. India is not even one of those countries.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 2) 262

Wikipedia Zero has not been launched in India. Check the map.

The article does not say that Wikipedia Zero is their only connection to the internet just that it is free. If one has enough money to spend on tuition to a business school one probably has enough money to do a Google search to verify a Wikipedia entry.

they also had been led to believe that they had researched by drinking from the unerring fountain of all human knowledge.

Anyone who still believes that needs help.

Comment: Re:Maybe you should have read more than one senten (Score 1, Insightful) 262

what we have is a world where people like yourself take all of your outrage, and point it at the victim for being "stupid"

The world is not a black and white as you seem to see it. In most cases both parties carry some blame with the majority going to the perp.

all crimes can be described in a manner where the victim has done something stupid along the way and so they "deserve" it

Sorry but leaving a car with the engine running outside a store while one goes shopping is stupid. If the car gets stolen the driver is at least partially to blame.

because you further victimize the victim

We also teach the victim ways to avoid the issue in the future.

and you let the perp get away without any blame or focus.

No, the perp needs to have consequences for his bad act.

some even laud the criminal for being strong and tough for picking on the stupid and the weak.

Rarely does that happen.

The problem with the "victim" attitude is the lack of personal responsibility and illusion of control. By putting the blame completely on the perp the victim appears completely helpless. That is often not true. There are many things a victim could do to avoid the situation. In this case a little more research could have avoided the issue. Being a powerless victim can lead to depression and suicide. The other issue is the illusion of control. I can only control myself, and sometimes not very well at that. I have no control over what other people do. When I get into an issue all I can do is figure out what I can do in the future to avoid other situations. All we are doing is explaining what could be done in the future to avoid such scams.

just take solace in the knowledge there are a hell of a lot of douchebags out there like yourself who blame the victim all the fucking time

There is a problem with using terms like "all the time". Most people do things "most of the time" and extremely rarely "all the time". Absolutes rarely apply. For example I doubt many people would blame an innocent bystander who was killed in a drive by shooting. Each instance has to be analyzed on it's own merits.

Sorry but your idea of the victim always being blameless and the perp always being completely to blame does not work in the real world.

there should be a morality iq test in this world.

There are different morals in the world. Your seem to be that there are powerless, innocent victims and powerful, evil perps and nothing in between. Other people have different views. Personally I see victims that can learn from their or others' experiences and fight against the evil perps. Whose morality should we measure against?

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928