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Comment: Worthless until they do something about reviews (Score 1) 81

Amazon's had a growing problem for some time with astroturfed reviews. On products it's reasonably possible to get a feel for things even through that because of the sheer numbers involved, but for contractors and labor it's going to be a critical problem.

Comment: Needs GNU (Score 1) 880

Finland's official Pravda^W^Wleading newspaper had an article on this particularly American issue. The main thesis is that you guys have a lot of freedom to offend and beat up each other, because any government intervention would go against the natural freedom of free men to do unto each other as they like. Of course, the follow-up is reduced freedom for individuals in lots of ways. You guys have more freedom than us in certain ways, but as a result you have less freedom in some other ways. It's hard to say which way is right, but it sure sounds a lot like BSD vs. GNU.

Personally, I'm in for more freedom in some areas. Finland officially switched from the Eastern Bloc into the EU 20 years ago, but I'm yet to see the full effects.

Comment: Re:"Women" have done no such thing (Score 1) 346

What even is an "anti-feminist"? Is Ayaan Hirsi Ali an anti-feminist? Is Karen DeCrow? What about Amanda Marcotte? Or Lindy West? The first two are diametrically opposed to the latter two, they're almost complete opposites. If you support Karen DeCrow and Ayaan Hirsi Ali you by definition vehemently oppose Amanda Marcotte and Lindy West.

"Anti-feminist" is a meaningless term, it's even more meaningless than McCarthy's use of "communist". It's impossible to NOT be an "anti-feminist" because of how absurdly over-broad it is.

Comment: Re:"Women" have done no such thing (Score 1) 346

The problem is their utter domination of academia and the media, and incredibly active base of zealots, gives them a profoundly disproportionate ability to control the narrative and wield political and social influence. It's easy to punch far above your weight when you can print off dozens of article saying whatever you want, woozle wikipedia into rewriting the truth to suit your politics, and then dump some screaming violent protestors on people that know they can even get away with assaults and other crimes. I still remember one video of a university protest where an SJW ran up to someone, started screaming accusing him of touching her breast to set him up (both of his hands were out in front of him in the air), and then shoved him off a ~5 foot ledge.

Could you imagine the media response if anyone did that to feminists?

Comment: Re:Encrypt client side (Score 1) 122

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#49355707) Attached to: Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage Plans
I'm sure that they've given considerable thought to subtly discouraging very heavy use, and looked at how different users actually tend to use online storage space, along with how much opportunity for additional profit there might be(eg. a 'photo storage' user might be a good candidate for being sold prints or something, while a 'generic files' user might not); and I imagine that lack of block level control helps. It would be interesting to know what the number-crunching looked like to arrive at those price points; though I'm sure that those data are not going to be public anytime soon.

However, I suspect that it's also there, at least in part, because this service is a relatively thin skin of consumer-friendly abstraction layer on top of S3, which is also object based. Amazon does have a block storage offering; but they only seem particularly interested in people using block storage 'devices' as disks on EC2 instances, rather than on farming them out over the web.

There is nothing stopping you from configuring the OS on an EC2 instance to function as a file server and getting remote access to block storage that way; but it doesn't seem to be the encouraged use case.

I don't know nearly enough about large-scale storage to say why they prefer object based storage over block based storage; but my understanding is that, even in the paid seats, object based storage is very much what they are offering, for anything externally accessed, with their block-based offering more or less there to allow you to configure the 'disks' in your EC2 'server' with a bit more granularity.

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