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Comment: Re:Marketing? (Score 1) 210

by Shadow of Eternity (#48651325) Attached to: Anonymous Claims They Will Release "The Interview" Themselves

That is actually a well reasoned point which makes me reconsider my position somewhat. However overall I think that sort of structuring, like the idiot CEO defense, has been deliberately used to cover for these kinds of fuckups enough that it's time to start holding "Sony" the larger entity responsible regardless. If they're so big they can't control this kind of shit it's time to break them up.

Comment: Incidentally... (Score 4, Interesting) 67

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48650641) Attached to: How a Massachusetts Man Invented the Global Ice Market
The harvesting and storage of naturally occurring ice was so successful that, for a somewhat surprising amount of time, it made manufactured ice uneconomic and, for an even longer period, on-site refrigeration hardware a very niche item(even after ice manufactured on large scale ammonia based systems replaced harvested ice, it still fed the same local market of that natural ice deliveries had).

If memory serves, the scale and efficiency of the industry was such that Australia ended up with the first adoption of a refrigeration system on a commercial scale because it was one of the few places that had the necessary technology but lacked a frozen pond without about a zillion miles. The thermodynamics and the necessary hardware were more or less familiar to any region with an enthusiasm for steam power; but the economics just didn't work out.

Comment: Re:Just use filters (Score 2) 109

by TeknoHog (#48648903) Attached to: Finland Announces an Anti-Laser Campaign For Air Traffic

Googles won't work, and neither will a filtering windshield. They'll just obscure vision. The wavelengths are all over the spectrum. The only thing that would filter them all is a piece of steel. Tough to land that way.

What if you just used steel windshields, along with Googles Earth to find out where you're at? I don't see any problem with

Comment: Re:question from a kid (Score 4, Funny) 25

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48640633) Attached to: How a 3D Printer Let a Dog Run For the First Time
Well kid, I'll try to put this in terms that you understand: Imagine that this rock here is your 'build plate', except that it already has some hardened gunk on it from where the filament had a bubble in it and your last project kind of got fucked up while you weren't watching it.

Now, this other rock, hold it in your hand and move your arm stiffly, like it's controlled by a couple of cheap servos. That's going to be your 'extruder'; but imagine for a minute that this extruder is like a 'negative extruder' that subtracts material by, um, extruding antifilament or something.

Ok, now just start mumbling g-code under your breath really fast and bash the 'extruder' into the 'build plate' until all the hardened gunk covering the shape you wanted has been removed from the extruder. That's pretty much all there is to it...

Comment: Disgusting! (Score 5, Funny) 82

by fuzzyfuzzyfungus (#48620237) Attached to: Manufacturer's Backdoor Found On Popular Chinese Android Smartphone
It's repulsive the sort of tactics that commie chinamen will stoop to, putting backdoors into their products like that. Why, here in America, those are 'features' that you consent to by opening the package, as documented on page 46 of the EULA, as interpreted in mandatory binding arbitration by the company's legal team! It must suck to live in such a benighted, unfree, country, where your cellphone is probably spying on you and may well come preloaded with malware...

Comment: Well, shit. (Score 4, Insightful) 660

Now, I'm no optimist on the imminent-coming-of-strong-AI; but this I do know: The University of Chicago does not specialize in producing lefty-pinko-economists. They have departments with a much stronger liberal bent; but econ sure as hell isn't one of them. It's pretty much the altar of Milton Friedman, the school that made the 'Chicago boys' of Latin American, um, repute. If the UofC says that robots are screwing the proletariat, I'm going to err on the side of caution and suspect that the proletariat is screwed...

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