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Comment: Re:Also... (Score 1) 124

by jfengel (#48627649) Attached to: Research Highlights How AI Sees and How It Knows What It's Looking At

Nothing wrong with being wrong with confidence. Sounds like the majority of humanity the majority of the time.

Oh, it definitely sounds like the majority of humanity the majority of the time. I just don't think it's one of our more admirable traits.

In our case, it's necessary, because we evolved with mediocre brains. I'd like to see our successors do better. They aren't yet, which is what this article is pointing out. This promising system isn't ready yet. It's just not wrong for the reasons that the GGP post thought.

Comment: Re:Land of the free (Score 3, Informative) 476

by arth1 (#48627289) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Norway hasn't had any school shootings that I know of, except one where a girl got shot in the arse with an airsoft gun about 20 years ago.

If you mean the UtÃya massacre, that wasn't a school shooting, but a right wing nutter first bombing a government building and then impersonating a policeman and shooting indiscriminately at a political youth camp.

Citizens being allowed to carry guns would have stopped neither.

Comment: Re:Sly (Score 5, Insightful) 333

by arth1 (#48623601) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

That you can get free certs doesn't mean it's easy or in some cases even possible to install them. These days, you find web servers in lots of embedded devices. Should i have to click by a warning every time I want to access my DVR on my LAN?

Encryption is useful when it serves a purpose. It doesn't always, and then it's just a waste at best and a false sense of security at worst.
SSL is inherently a weak solution - it is never any stronger than the least strong of the enormous list of CAs built into every browser. If just one of them is compromised (or have handed over the keys to a three letter agency), visitors lose the protection against MITM attacks and similar.

Self-signed certs are actually far safer, if done right, where the user has to actually validate the cert the first time. But those gets warned against.

Comment: Re: So perhaps /. will finally fix its shit (Score 4, Insightful) 333

by arth1 (#48623141) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

Make no mistake, Google doesn't do this because they have our best interest in mind, but because caching means they can't always tell exactly how many and who saw a particular page or ad. They hate caching unless it's them doing it. Going https instead of http defeats most caching, at the expense of the web sites easily having to serve twice as much data to serve the same number of visitors - some of that from the overhead of https, and some of that because of less caching.

Again, follow the money trail, and you'll get the answer for why Google wants to push everyone to https.
The guys over at are not amused.

Comment: Re:Google is not as strategic as MS (Score 1) 40

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48622627) Attached to: ODF Support In Google Drive
My S&P400 company gives us all both MsOffice and Google docs. Free to use whatever we want. I see Google docs being preferred over MsOffice for almost all the documents. Some fancy presentations with animations is the only time people fire up MsOffice. Send a link to all, and they get the most updated version of the document, don't have to bother working through comments and change history and emailing docs back and forth. Almost all the corporate back office forms are google spreadsheets now. All team leads directly post their budget proposals for the next year and it all gets consolidated and gets reported to admin.

Comment: Re:Google's Beta (Score 1) 40

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48618057) Attached to: ODF Support In Google Drive
Well, almost all the software we pay for has boilerplate EULA that says, "We promise you lots of stuff. But if the software you bought for does not do it, well, tough luck buddy, suck it. Cant sue us". In fact some software actually said, "this software is not fit to do anything. not nuclear reactors definitely".

Comment: Google is very strategic. (Score 3, Interesting) 40

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48616253) Attached to: ODF Support In Google Drive
Everyone knew as long as MS-Office franchise is delivering money to Microsoft in fire hoses, there is no way anyone can compete with it in *any* sphere. It will sustain losses year after year to deny revenue to the competition. Once the competition folds it has the market for itself. Look how long it was able to sustain losses to gain dominance with XBox franchise. Everyone knew that. Many people had ideas to attack it, but lacked the resources. People with resources, I am looking at you Sun microsystems, lacked the competence to pull it off.

Google went about it strategically. First it peeled of the low hanging fruit, people who don't need all the bells and whistles of a full suite with Google docs/apps. Then it leveraged the central server doing the edits, to create a collaborative edit features that were well ahead of MsOffice when it was introduced. Priced it cheap, pitched it to the enterprises. When it was forcing Microsoft to scramble to offer collaboration tools, Apple helped in the upgrade tread mill battle. In an earlier era, the top exec gets the latest and greatest laptop every six months with latest Office pre-installed and starts belting out documents in the latest format. IT will upgrade rest of the corp. But Apple took all the top execs with its iPad, and now PC is not the latest toy these top honchos were getting. Side effect: The corporate upgrade treadmill slowed down significantly.

Now it is going for the last section that really needs all the bells and whistles of a full fledged office suite. Instead of spending the money to reinvent the wheel inside google docs, it is just using the well established code base of OpenOffice and the ODF. Even though Microsoft lost the mind share and the market share in percentage terms, its cash cows were producing milk at the same old prodigal rate. Cutting off a significant portion of the MsOffice revenue stream is important for Google's business ops in other spheres. Else Microsoft will under cut it. It even tried to pay people to use Bing.

Google does not really want to make much money off its google docs franchise. It uses it just to crimp the revenue stream of Microsoft. It is making money elsewhere.

Comment: Re:But but but (Score 0) 315

by arth1 (#48616013) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

oh tahnk goodnes you saved us all. what elsee is in ur crystal ball.

What kind of idiot modded this drunken drivel insightful? A sock puppet account?
Look at the GP post - the guy didn't predict anything. He correctly used the present tense for describing timeline events, and drew no conclusions. If you drew your own conclusion and then knock it down, that is not insightful, nor any skin off his back.

Comment: Re:And on the plus side... (Score 1) 315

by arth1 (#48614807) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

There are in fact huge forests around me. And this is where the drought has been severe and has caused a lot of forest fires.

Good. There are supposed to be droughts and forest fires. That's why the tall conifers were everywhere in California - trees evolved to survive droughts and fires.

Those not willing to live with the natural climate of the land they have settled on better be prepared to pay high and continuing costs for fighting nature.

Comment: Re:But but but (Score 1) 315

by arth1 (#48614785) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

Sure, over-use is a problem, but there's also less precipitation than is normal.

That there will be years and even decades of less precipitation than normal is normal. Droughts happen. Floods happen. Hurricanes happen.
People planning for what's out of the ordinary happens less often. It's much easier to pretend it won't happen and then find someone or something to blame.

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