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Submission Google Pulling Back The Veil On Its Custom-Built Data Centers->

jfruh writes: In the mid-'00s, as Google scaled up its data centers to meet increasing demand, "we could not buy, for any price, a data-center network that would meet the requirements of our distributed systems," says Amin Vahdat, the company's networking technical lead. So they had to build their own software-defined networks inside what were essentially vast warehouse-sized computers. And now the company is starting to tell the world how they did it.
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Submission Ketchup Gone Wild: QR Code On Heinz Ketchup Bottle Links To Hardcore Porn Site->

An anonymous reader writes: A German man who innocently purchased a bottle of Heinz ketchup got a whole lot more than he bargained for when he scanned in the bottle’s promotional QR code. Expecting to be whisked away to a website that would enable him to design his own ketchup label, Daniel Korell of Berlin was instead directed to a hardcore porn website.
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Viacom's Messy Relationship With YouTube and The Rise of Stephen Colbert 78

Presto Vivace writes with this story about how Stephen Colbert became a YouTube Megastar. "Clips from The Colbert Report soon became a staple at YouTube, a startup that was making it easier for anyone and everyone to upload and watch home movies, video blogs, and technically-illicit-but-increasingly-vanilla clips of TV shows from the day before. And Colbert’s show was about to find itself at the center of a conflict between entertainment media and the web over online video that’s shaped the last decade. In fact, The Colbert Report has been defined as much by this back-and-forth between Hollywood and the web as by the cable news pundits it satirizes....A year after The Colbert Report premiere, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock. Five months later, Viacom sued YouTube and Google for copyright infringement, asking for $1 billion in damages. The value of these videos and their audiences were clear. The Colbert Report and “Stephen Colbert” are mentioned three times in Viacom’s complaint against YouTube, as much or more than any other show or artist."

Submission NOAA: Climate Change Did Not Cause Calif. Drought->

An anonymous reader writes: NOAA: Climate Change Did Not Cause Calif. Drought

Climate change is usually discussed in extremes: Epic heat in Australia. A deadly heat wave in Europe. Hurricane Sandy grinding New York to a halt.

The extreme California drought? Maybe not so much.

A new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration study released Monday shows that the three-year California drought may have been caused by natural variability and not necessarily human-caused climate change.

The study follows a series of studies released in September that were inconclusive about the role of climate change in the California drought, and another published last week showing that the drought is the worst the state has seen in 1,200 years.

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Submission New owners take over Bimota

An anonymous reader writes: The acquisition of the legendary Rimini-based motorcycle factory was officially executed on the first days of September 2013, with the registration of the company at the Swiss Business Register. The firm has been taken over by Bimota SA, led by businessman Marco Chiancianesi, of Italian origins but operating in Switzerland for many years now in the real-estate and financial industry.
The historic brand devotees should not be concerned about the passage from Italy to Switzerland, as this involves only the new legal headquarters of the company (Lugano — CantonofTicino), while the manufacturing plant and administration offices will remain in the c premises located in Rimini (Italy).
In the past, the company gained a significant market share in the production of luxurious and exclusive motorbikes on a worldwide scale; the brand then saw a significant revival in 2003, thanks to the management of Engineer Roberto Comini, who for a decade took lead of the new ownership. Under the new management, the manufacturer re-launched some successful models, such as the DB5 bike; however, ten years later, the industry started to be affected by the global economic crisis. Hence, the injection of funds from the new ownership is fundamental in order to return be competitive and to face the global market in order to re-launch the company through a plan of investments and projects, taking up the gauntlet in order to meet future objectives.

Comment weak, because they don't care (Score 3) 299

there are a lot of sites, that require setting up and account, i could care less about. i use a junk email account and a simple junk password. those accounts, if they are hacked, won't give you any useful information to get into another site's account that i do care about. i think many people do the same. those junk sites also get hacked and the stolen lists get published. then the appalling headlines stating "OMG these passwords are so easy!!!" get published... so what...

Comment get her a thin client with lockable flash (Score 1) 418

i use 10zig thin clients running windows embedded for all the instructors at the cosmetology school i administer. you can load basic software onto them and then lock the flash. a simple reboot sends it back to the way you set it up. http://www.10zig.com/product/hyper-v_microsoft_remotefx/ you can also use SteadyState, http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=24373 this sets the computer into a kiosk mode where a simple reboot puts it back to the snapshot.

Submission SSD Write Endurance Considered... Sufficient->

jyujin writes: Ever wonder how long your SSD will last? It's funny how bad people are at estimating just how long "100,000 writes" are going to take when spread over a device that spans several thousand of those blocks over several gigabytes of memory. It obviously gets far worse with newer flash memory that is able to withstand a whopping million writes per cell. So yeah, let's crunch some numbers and fix that misconception. Spoiler: even at the maximum SATA 3.0 link speeds, you'd still find yourself waiting several months or even years for that SSD to start dying on you.
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