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Comment Re:What are miles? (Score 1) 137

Technically the US doesn't have a system

Then what is the Office of Weights and Measures for?
And what meaning would the Mendenhall Order of 1893 have had if the US didn't have a system?
If there were no system back in the days when money was backed by "precious" metals, how could have the value of the US dollar been set to a particular amount of gold?

Comment Re:Well, they didn't lie... (Score 1) 159

In fewer words:
Combustible: will burn. EG paper, wood shavings, coal ...
Flammable: easily ignited. EG gasoline vapor, ether, ...
In the presence of sufficient oxygen and at normal temperatures.


For liquids, in more words:
Flammable: Defined as liquids having closed cup flash points below 100F (37C) and vapor pressures not exceeding 40 psi (276 kPa) (2.76 bar) at 100F (37C)
Combustible: Defined as liquids having closed cup flash points at or above 100F (37C)

Comment Re:What is my case? (Score 1) 111

Where I used to work, there was a parking garage below us. We used to say: "don't park under Steve's office". He had several 5' 0" tall loose stacks of folders & paperwork on the floor, in addition to the numerous 3' 0" stacks on his desk and countertop. But I must say, when I needed something from him, he knew just where to go to find it and could pull it out of one of the stacks within seconds. Does that make his work area messy enough for a hoarders reality show, or well organized enough for an obsessive compulsive reality show?

Comment Re:From neglect or from hackers? (Score 2) 162

I agree that poor people take the brunt of the government incompetence, but that's simply because the rich people have folks on the government payroll looking out for their interests when resources get tight.


Actually, though I doubt the state government purposefully lead-poisoned the citizens of Flint (they would have known it would be a scandal), you are underestimating the capacity of those in power to hold the working poor in contempt and being OK with letting those freeloaders get hurt: After all, you get out of life what you put into it, so they probably deserve it. (Even if on a personal level they feel some pity when they see it actually happen.)

Comment Re:From neglect or from hackers? (Score 1) 162

Fun fact, the Romans DIDN'T have problems with lead in their drinking water.

Fun fact, the Romans DID purposefully put lead in their drinking wine, to make it taste sweeter, and used it in cosmetics and other things.

This is because the water is so hard that lime scale quickly builds up in the pipes. . . the cause to Flint, MI's problem might be the solution to it as well.

Lead leeching into Flint MI's water is apparently because the water is corrosive enough to remove the lime scale and dissolve lead from the pipe.

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