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by jbengt (#47008657) Attached to: Who controls the HVAC at work?

Typical AC will chill the air until it's colder than the desired temperature to dehumidify it and then warm it back up.

Typical AC will chill the air below the dewpoint, but will not reheat that air (except for the couple of degrees that the heat of the fan adds). In fact, most energy codes prohibit using energy to cool and then using more energy to reheat (except in certain circumstances where it may be vital, such as humidity-controlled labs, pharmaceutical plants, etc.). Only the more sophisticated, expensive AC systems reheat - those typically have some sort of heat exchanger to reheat supply using warm outdoor air or exhaust.

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you can see that actual employment has been steadily falling since the 1960's in the USA, typically taking a dive after each recession, then regaining some but not all of the previous employment

Bull. In the sixties, most married women were not "employed", yet were not counted as "unemployed". The workforce per capita has increased greatly since then (yet real income has not risen commensurately).

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false, the Sun and insolation drives climate and climate change, greenhouse gas effects are secondary

Invalid, that does not contradict TFS or TFA. The point being made is not that solar activity is a minor influence, but that that changes in solar isolation cannot account for the patterns of climate change over the last millennium in the northern hemisphere, and that effects of volcanism and greenhouse gases fit the data better.

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Except of course for the fact that the words themselves . . . actually do mean a form "raises the question".

Maybe if the phrase was something like ".. which begs to ask the question. . . ", otherwise, the "plain English" meaning of words themselves is that you are talking to a question, begging for something from it. (please, Mr. Question, may I have a dollar for a cup of coffee?)

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People forget that the NSA has actually done a _lot_ over the past century that has been of extreme benefit

The NSA has only been in existence about 60 years. Yes, it had it's precursors in code-breaking military intelligence units in WW1 & WW2, but it was President Truman who secretly established the NSA (known as "No Such Agency")

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IIRC, the separate "core" CPI that leaves out food and energy is for short term comparisons since food and energy can be very volatile. Large short term swings in those commodities can mask the "real" inflation rate in monthly reports. Of course, prices of food & energy are still part of the cost of living, and are considered in the CPI.

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I don't know that it is entirely clear that without clean room BIOS, IBM would have dominated.

That is not what the GP was saying. GP was making the point that in a more heterogeneous hardware environment, MS would not have been able to build a monopoly based on a single dominant operating system.

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