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Comment: Re:the real mystery (to me) (Score 1) 34

by jbengt (#48672475) Attached to: 300 Million Year Old Fossil Fish Likely Had Color Vision
Most mammals can see color. They (except some primates) are colorblind in the sense that they can't tell the difference between red and green, but they can tell the difference between red and blue. Because of the similarites in the proteins expressed, it is believed that human ancestors inherited a mutated gene for red that had a peak receptivity at green together with the original red gene from another parent. That's why most people now have both red and green cones.

Comment: Re:I don't even... (Score 2) 323

by jbengt (#48654593) Attached to: Putting Time Out In Time Out: The Science of Discipline

Yes there are children i.e. mellow children who don't need discipline and just explaining to them works. Then there are the rest who need to at least *see* discipline because they are spoiled little brats who only want to do what they want to do and to hell with everyone else.

All children need discipline, and the subjects of TFA don't disagree. You are confusing discipline and punishment, and it doesn't seem like the subjects of TFA are saying punishment must be avoided at all times. They doo seem to be saying that punishment coming from the person the child goes to for comfort is confusing to small children in a fundamental, brain-altering way.
That being said, TFA was pretty disjointed, often referring to things as if they were already explained when had not been mentioned before in the article, so how should I know what they were really trying to say.

Comment: Re:Incidentally... (Score 1) 83

by jbengt (#48651797) Attached to: How a Massachusetts Man Invented the Global Ice Market

What's actually needed is an engine to compress/expand the refrigerant. You can just as easily use a heat source to create the required pressure differential. RV refrigerators do exactly that, with no motors or moving parts. They cost an outrageous amount of money, despite being virtually identical in construction to electric ones

Not sure where you're coming from.
Combustion engine driven compressors are similar to electric motor driven ones, but are more complicated and certainly have plenty of moving parts.
Adsorption/absorption refrigeration systems have fewer moving parts, as they use heat as the main driving force and so don't have compressors. But they still have moving parts like pumps and fans, and they are completely dissimilar in design to mechanical compressor driven refrigeration.

Comment: Re:Who was forced to sign an NDA? (Score 2) 38

by jbengt (#48613815) Attached to: Attorney Yasir Billoo Explains NDA Law (Video)
I've had plenty of clients requiring an NDA, and had no problem signing them. One employer I had wanted to me sign an updated employment agreement. I didn't mind the NDA portions of it, but there were some unappealing non-compete provisions, like whatever I did for myself on my own times was theirs. I quietly avoided signing it until my manager forgot about it and worked there for another few years.

Comment: Re:Just to be clear ... (Score 1) 189

by jbengt (#48610675) Attached to: Denmark Makes Claim To North Pole, Based On Undersea Geography

Now compare the amount of money that the government makes at the pump, compared to what the oil companies make. You know, the guys who find, extract, move, refine and ultimately sell it to us. In the US the ratio is 7:1*; in Europe it's much worse.

First, "the guys who find, extract, move, refine and ultimately sell it to us" are typically several different companies, only the biggest companies have that kind of vertical integration, and they rely on third parties for a lot of those tasks, anyway. Second, show us the numbers.
*Citation Needed

Comment: Re:Welcome news (Score 1) 233

by jbengt (#48584509) Attached to: Ford Ditches Microsoft Partnership On Sync, Goes With QNX

7) Sometimes the physical buttons don't work and it will stop responding while my music is playing. Then suddenly it will catch up and all the times I hit forward or back on the track suddenly occur.

Sounds very similar to the gripes I have about the Microsoft GUI on my Uverse "cable" box / DVR.

Comment: Re:100% Agree (Score 1) 567

by jbengt (#48573873) Attached to: The Case For Flipping Your Monitor From Landscape to Portrait
Personally, I disagree.
I seldom need only one document open at a time, and landscape works much better for viewing multiple documents, especially when they have "standard" 8-1/2"x11" pages.
In addition, most of the documents I work on are in landscape mode already (typically 17"x11", 36"x24", 42"x30", or bigger), so why try to squeeze them into portrait mode?

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