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Comment Re:Interesting, but... (Score 1) 63

This, exactly. I clicked on the link and got a shiny splash page with almost no information in it, other than a pretty picture. I clicked on the next page, and got what appeared to be another shiny splash page without any information in it. I refuse to go any farther when I encounter that sort of useless garbage.

Comment Re:Cooling towers (Score 1) 118

These cool water by evaporating a portion of it and circulating it through the refrigeration equipment, where the water picks up heat, and then recirculates back through the cooling tower. The cooling tower water is used as a heat sink for the refrigeration equipment, most often a Chiller, which chills a separate, closed circuit of water down to around 40 F to 45F, and that Chilled Water is circulated to the air handling units or other air conditioning systems to provide A/C to the building.
The cooling tower can also be used as a heat rejection device for other, non-A/C systems, like generators, refrigerators, etc.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 309

If you try and reimplement a complex format you are very likely to end up writing very similar code to the original imlementation simply because there is only one sane way to imlement bits of it.

Then that block of code would be functional, rather than creative, and it wouldn't be covered by copyright (if the courts agree with you, assuming it comes to that)

Comment Re:Skin cancer, sunburn, total hours, and sunblock (Score 1) 114

The map you linked to doesn't show the total amount of hours in the sun or the number of sunburns. It does show that places where people have paler skin (the north) have a greater chance of getting skin cancer than places where people have darker skin (Africa) or where they tend to cover up (the deserts).

The site does say that having more than 5 sunburns is more important for melanoma than the total hours in the sun, but it says the opposite for other forms of skin cancer. My experience (based on discussions with my wife's doctor) is that being a redhead is probably more predictive of melanoma than the number of sunburns. (Anyway, what redhead hasn't gotten more than 5 sunburns?)

Comment Re:Get elected, change the law (Score 1) 166

There's no reason a lawsuit and tribunal should ever be able to override the laws of a land. The government decides what is law, and the people decide who is government.

You're missing the point.
In the USA, at least, if the government signs and ratifies a treaty, possibly like the *Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement mentioned in the GGP, that treaty would trump any laws of a government in the USA. According to the Constitution, it would even trump the Constitution.

*IANAL, so I am not sure if the TPPA would rise fully to the level of a treaty in that sense - that might become a matter for the courts to decide.

Comment Re:Pick up dog shit in urban areas. (Score 1) 112

I live in an urban area, and unfortunately there has been an influx of hipsters over the last three or four years. . . .Getting these hipsters to clean up their dogs' shit isn't going to happen. It's all over the place.

B.S. I grew up in an urban area and lived there for decades. I can tell you unequivocally that the dogshit was there before the hipsters arrived.

Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 1) 127

So their logic is that limiting this kind of engineering is limiting free speech.

Yes, but they didn't go as far as the Slashdot headline - they outlined the conditions under which the government could restrict it and the extent to which it could be restricted (assuming the supreme court follows precedents on similar/analogous cases)

(It's greed-motivated nonsense of course.)

No - RTFA (The law review article, not just the Slashdot summary or the motherboard.vice web page)

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