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Comment Re:This is stupid ... (Score 2) 143

There is a GPS standard time. I believe it is based on the Geocentric Celestial Reference System. (as opposed to the Barycentric Celestial Reference System that you may need for positioning beyond Earth orbit.)
Anyway, if you don't like that, you could use the TAI (International Atomic Clock Time) instead.
Leap seconds can be used for displaying time in UTC if you need to, while those that need a constant, uninterrupted tick of the clock could use TAI (or GPS) in the backend.

Comment Re:Boomers ruin everything (Score 1) 412

When will the Boomers finally have enough and stop raping their children?

OK, you may very well be a troll, but I'll bite, because I've seen a lot of this misguided attitude around here.

First they stopped state funding of higher education and replaced that with "easy money" student loans.

Grants vs loans is more of a Democrats vs Republicans thing than a generational thing, but there has never been all out state funding of higher education in the US.

Then they created and crashed the real estate bubble so their kids can't afford a house or even find a job that would pay enough to cover a mortgage.

I don't know how that can be blamed on a generation rather than on the people giving bad loans and the non-baby boomers taking those bad loans as if they were a way to grow money. When I bought my first house inflation was double digits, unemployment was near 8%, and I was happy to get a loan at a relatively low interest rate of 12.125%, while I made considerably less than the median income and bought way less house than most people do nowadays. So don't come crying to me about today's real estate market.

Then they reneged on their pension obligations, substituting investing your retirement funds 401K in a rigged market.

No, baby boomers are the generation that lost pensions to companies that went bankrupt for the express purpose of reneging on obligations - if they had pensions in the first place. Baby boomers are the first to be forced to rely on IRAs and 401Ks, if they could manage to save into them. (I'm not complaining, there were plenty of previous generations that had nothing to retire on, not even a social security check that might bounce.)

Comment Re: Truly. (Score 1) 412

I have a bachelor's in accounting, a master's in tax, a CPA license, and a 3.9 GPA. Guess how long it took to get my first entry level job? 2 years from 2009 to 2011.

Ouch, bad timing to be looking during the bottom of the recession. I know the feeling, if not the duration you went through it.
My son got his MS in computer science in 2008 and it took him a little over a year to get a job. I was laid off in 2009, but fortunately it only took me three months to find a new job.
I got my career started in 1980, after looking for work for 9 months. That was a pretty bad economy, with 8% unemployment and 13% inflation. The worst part was that for the 9 months I was looking for a job, I was a newlywed being supported by my wife. Unemployment peaked in 1982 or thereabouts at around 10% and I almost got laid off then, too.

Comment Re:What's in a name - PE vs engineer (Score 1) 568

I've worked with PEs that were terrible engineers and un-licensed engineers that were excellent engineers, and vice-versa. On average, PEs were more knowledgeable about their particular area of experience, but the correlation doesn't seem very strong. Better indicators of engineering capabilities are how willing the individual is to take the time and effort to understand the issues, and how aware they are of their own limitations. A lot of that comes with experience rather than schooling.

Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 2) 568

Yes, an engineer is at fault then. Every time.

Not necessarily. Engineers are held to a standard of reasonable professional care.

If I used a plastic that hadn't been tested for durability in a product that's supposed to be durable, I would have my hide stapled to the wall. . . It's my responsibility to check every component I use, whether it's by making sure we do it ourselves, or accepting certifications that suppliers provide with an iron-clad contract putting the responsibility in their hands.

Oh, I see, you're conflating professional liability with product liability.


Comment Re:Something something question in headline equals (Score 1) 568

Nobody should be considered a software engineer unless a codified practice of software development is defined such that measurable differences in safety and reliability outcome can come from those practicing it, and a training and testing regime can be used to determine whether someone is practicing it in their work.

Why should software engineering requirements be more strict than most types of engineering?

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