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Comment: Needs Higher Tech like 3D (Score 1) 547

by jayrtfm (#42023917) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Make a DVD-Rental Store More Relevant?

Back in the early 80's video stores also rented VCRs. Now there's 3D films on blueray, but many people don't have a 3D TV. So rent out a PASSIVE 3D tv (LG makes a good one) with a half dozen glasses. Kids parties would be a natural (or 3D porno for adult parties).
Also if he is not doing S-8 to DVD transfers and picture scanning he's missing out on a big advantage, as his customers would not have to risk mailing their orginals.
Another idea would be to get a WIDE assortment of gizmos from Most of the items could be kept in a stockroom, if he had a few kiosks for customers to browse. Use the display for new items and kids toys.

Comment: Good Grammar is a Checksum (Score 2) 878

by jayrtfm (#40592011) Attached to: Does Grammar Matter Anymore?

Good grammar (and spelling) is the protocol for human communication.
Since there is redundancy and words like "is & are" when a mistake is made the rest of the sentence can be used to reconstruct the true meaning.
If we don't follow the standard, then there is increased processing needed to interpret the communication, which is unfair to the recipient.

Comment: Re:Photographic prints! (Score 1) 350

by jayrtfm (#39932265) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Option For Printing Digital Photos?

I agree with doing it at Costco. If you poke around their website you will see that you can download ICC profiles. Yes, Costco does color calibration.
Recently my local one had a machine problem, and they actually gave me a phone call to tell me it would be delayed.
That said, print 2 copies, one to view and one to keep in an archival, lightproof, packed with silica gel box, kept below 75 degrees, that is not to be opened for at least 30 years.
check out THE book on the subject

Comment: Re:What else did he expect? (Score 1) 777

except.. in far too many sorta similar cases, ONLY massive publicity has prevented people's lives from being totally ruined. Have we forgotten the sad lessons of Julie Amero?
The man is being told he may not be allowed to be alone with his daughter for a YEAR because there is a queue? Just how many OTHER people are in a similar circumstance?
IMHO the guy should go on the offensive and sue the authorities for COLLABORATING with the pedophiles. They have evidence of crimes that they are just letting sit on a shelf.

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