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Comment XTerms are still useful (Score 2) 352

I recently was working on a machine with no internet connectivity trying to visualize some data with gnuplot. Only I discovered that some distros (won't name names here, but it's not an obscure one) by default install gnuplot with no bitmapped graphics support. I thought I was up a creek until I noticed that gnuplot has support for xterms's tektronics graphics mode. While it still has limitations (no color!), it got the job done. I'd like to see your fancy semitransparent Gnome Terminal handle hideously obsolete vector graphics.

Comment Re:Nine Out of Ten of the Internet's Top Websites. (Score 1) 133

As a longtime user of NoScript, this has not even come close to happening yet. I'm not even against ads, but I'm not going to let them run Javascript. If they want to show a banner then be my guest, if they want fingerprint my browser so they can track me across different websites then no thanks.

Comment Re:it's been out one week. (Score 4, Interesting) 129

This presupposes that Apple even wants to be in the game console business. I think Microsoft is still in the red overall for the XBox franchise, and the Ooya is a stark reminder that nonportable microconsoles are of limited appeal. If all it lets you do is play the same games you can play on your phone why bother? Sure the screen is bigger, but the graphics aren't much better and you're monopolizing the TV.

Comment Wow, 5 whole Gigabytes? (Score 1) 330

Microcenter gave me a free 32GB thumb drive just for showing up in their store. 5GB is getting into "Why bother?" territory. That's so little storage that even people who just casually take photos and upload them to the cloud are going to bump into the limit in relatively short order. It looks like Microsoft is basically killing off the service by making it worse than the competition. They already started on this when they dumped the OS integration they had in Win8 and made Win10 users go through the app to move their files back and forth.

Comment Re:Nor did anyone else. (Score 1) 294

I'm saying that those kind of people never touch the AM/FM switch on their radio, if they even listen to radio anymore. It's reputation as a place for preaching and whackos keeps them out.

It's the same way you can send messages to people but avoid having the lion's share of the youth see it by simply publishing in the newspaper and not putting it in the online edition. Young people wonder why they should get their hands dirty reading day old news and op-eds from the out of touch.

Comment Re:so... (Score 3, Insightful) 294

The FCC operates on a complaint driven model. They don't tend to notice until someone writes a letter. They don't have the budget to hire airwave cops to drive around looking for violations all over the country. As far as the FCC was concerned this was just another properly licensed radio station until someone complained.

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