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Comment They think they have it rough (Score 2) 169

Imagine trying to deal with this.

A two-day pumping operation has left the cable vault mostly dry, but it doesn’t look right. Cable insulation has been stripped back in areas, cords are cut, chunks of cables lie on the ground, and splice boxes have been torn open. Levendos explains to me that before crews could even begin removing water, they needed to repair ground-level fuel pumps to feed backup diesel generators on the upper floors.

Comment So the IAB decided to block someone else's ad (Score 1) 539

To make sure I understand this:

* Ads that IAB members send to my browser are expression of free speech, and by blocking them I am violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
* Real people from AB+ attending a conference are ... umm, not sure what their speech counts as ... and by blocking them from attending the IAB is ... umm ... not violating something something?

No, I guess I don't understand after all.

Comment What spam house is funding this? (Score 1) 84

If the intent is to obfuscate the style, just run it through a few languages and back as someone already suggested. But I'm guessing they want something that doesn't look like word salad.

We call an obfuscation software

    1. safe, if a forensic analysis does not reveal the original author of its obfuscated texts,
    1. sound, if its obufscated texts are textually entailed with their originals, and
    1. proper, if its obfuscated texts are inconspicuous.

Yup, right there: proper. They're basically asking for someone to write the perfect Bayesian filter beater.

Comment I propose The Demolition Man design (Score 1) 276

Remember the car Sandra Bullock drives in Demolition Man? Gets in, drives out of the city, engages auto-pilot on the freeway. Then when she gets near her destination re-takes the wheel for the drive through the city.

Is there anyone who thinks we couldn't have this in production next year if we wanted to?

Comment We're just not that interested (Score 2) 311

Crime is worse than it's ever been! Kids can't walk to school safely these days!

Except not, and we all know that. We just talked about it earlier this week. As media became national, then international, they started reporting every little thing that happened as though we should care, and maybe we've all started to realize that we don't actually give a shit what's happening in East Bumfuckistan.

In my perfect world if the story is important - and it better be, else why are you wasting my time telling me about it - then take the time to explain why I should care. "Because we have adorable photos of the missing girl" doesn't count.

John Oliver takes on serious issues on a weekly basis and gets ratings doing it. What he doesn't do is pander to fear-mongering and scare tactics, which just get old. Can someone other than Comedy Central please start doing this?

Comment Re:Beware of BlackBerry shills (Score 5, Insightful) 117

2. Law enforcement says "don't use Blackberry because we cracked it". Stress on the "don't use Blackberry" part ?

That's what seems odd to me. Why would police disclose that they're able to do this? Isn't this the kind of capability you'd want to keep under wraps? Almost seems like they want people to avoid BB. I wonder why.

Comment Did you trademark that plot? TOO LATE! (Score 1) 143

"Darkside: The Movie" (Yes, it will have "The Movie" in the title.)

The Russian space program is capable of getting to lunar orbit and back, but they're still years away from a lander. But if they "land" on the dark side, and all communication relayed back by the orbiter is encrypted, how will anyone outside their space program know where the footage they show to world was really shot?

Maybe they're really broadcasting from the moon, maybe they're faking the whole thing.


Submission + - Blogger Outage (cooklikeyourgrandmother.com)

Drew Kime writes: "For at least the past hour I haven't been able to connect to my Blogger-hosted blog. If my stats on Google Analytics are up to date, no one has hit the site for at least two hours. (And I average over a hundred per hour this time of day.)

I tried to check the official Blogger status. Ironic error message: "Your request for http://status.blogger.com/ could not be fulfilled, because the connection to status.blogger.com ( could not be established." Well, I guess that tells me the status. It seems they host their official status blog on the same server or cluster that hosts *my* blog.

I wonder when something will show up in Google News."

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