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Comment Re:You didn't learn the lesson of the movie Avatar (Score 2) 197

Oh please. It's the left that wants to build the telescope. When was the last time you heard about right-wingers giving a shit about astronomy or basic science unless there's profit involved? There's no profit in astronomy.

As someone above stated, this is a fight between the pro-science left and the SJW wacky-left. And unfortunately it looks like the wacky-left is winning.

Comment Re:Slashdot news for nerds? (Score 1) 142

-1 Stupid. This is basic history.

The Roman Empire (at least the western half) collapsed in the 400s, as western Europe turned to feudalism. The RCC managed to hang on to some power, but it was nothing at all like the political power enjoyed by the Roman Empire (and before it, the Republic) before. Technology was completely lost and forgotten as people abandoned specialized trades to go work in fields as serfs. This was called "the Dark Ages", mainly because education and literacy vanished and no one wrote stuff down any more. Eventually, the various feudal lords consolidated their power again into duchies and nation-states, and these were largely under the control of the Holy Roman Empire, but the HRE was *not* an extension of the actual Roman Empire before it, nor was it even much of an "empire" as it did not have very consolidated power. And the HRE fell apart eventually too. The modern RCC has zero political power, and hasn't had any for centuries.

Aside from this, the eastern Roman Empire continued for an additional 1000 years in Constantinople, with their own church, now known as the Greek Orthodox church.

Comment Re:power density problem, yet to be resolved (Score 1) 198

The power density of a typical battery is very poor

Totally wrong. You even admit you're wrong: you linked to the Wikipedia article for "energy density", and then call it "power density".

Go study the difference between energy and power and come back when you've figured it out.

There are a *crapload* of SJW's floating around lately who are very savvy politically, but don't know jack shit about science.

Yet, you're the moron who doesn't know the difference between energy and power. That's science 101 right there.

Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 198

Turbines have horrible efficiency at small sizes. There's a reason that small airplanes and helicopters all use piston engines instead of turbines. There are some amateur builders who build small turbine-powered helicopters but their fuel efficiency is poor compared to piston-engined versions.

Comment Re:STOP, EVERYONE STOP (Score 1) 198

Whose ideas *are* "original"? I can't think of a single major commercial innovation which was really an original idea. Apple's iPhone? Nope, smartphones were around before. The early cellphones? Nope, not original at all: Maxwell Smart had one in his shoe in the 60s. Personal computers? Nope, they were envisioned in the 60s too. The Wright Brothers airplane? Nope, not original: people dreamed of airplanes long before that.

No one (except ignorant people maybe) ever said that Musk came up with truly original ideas. Like successful industrialists before him, his strength is taking ideas and actually bringing them to market.

Honestly, do you think anyone really thought that rockets to LEO were an original idea of his, when others have been doing that for decades? Or that electric cars are an original idea of his? People have been building electric cars for over a century now, or have you forgotten the GM EV1?

This is either a seriously stupid comment, or a great example of a strawman.

Comment Re:Wake up, Mozilla morons (Score 1) 193

It might be possible that you're suffering from an operating system driver problem, e.g. from your graphics driver. It's worth checking if there is a graphics driver update available for your system.

It's persisted through multiple driver updates and indeed multiple graphics cards. It's probably related to some plugin, but why should a plugin even know that the system has been suspended?

Comment Re:Weighed Response (Score 1) 156

The US doesn't have nuclear weapons there now, but did deploy them in South Korea in the 1950s. It even made a point of announcing it, which the North Koreans took rather badly. South Korea is reportedly nuclear-free and has been for decades, but at one point, yeah, there were nuclear weapons present.

Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 1) 156

It's more that the US isn't willing to do anything about it because it guarantees thousands to hundreds of thousands of dead allies and unpredictable results for geopolitical balance in the region. By chiding them publicly, it sets up a history of warnings in case something does happen, but lets all those people keep living for now.

Also, South Korea doesn't want to fight over it, preferring to wait until the regime collapses on itself and then figuring out how to clean up that mess, which would be easier than cleaning up that mess plus the leftovers from a war.

Comment Re:Dumb (Score 1) 193

You think say the Linux kernel isn't useful? They've been on a three month cycle for ages, roughly one month merge window and two months of release candidates. Basically what you want is for everybody to time box what they can do before the next release, but you can't know if you don't know how long that'll be. Maybe if it's two months you'll do some quick enhancements and fixes but if it's six you do a deeper restructuring. If 90% of your developers have finished according to plan and 10% is threatening to hold up the release then the great majority won't be able to effectively use a small extension. It's better to just scrub the parts that aren't ready and say we're releasing now, sorry try again next merge window. Of course assuming that you have a large enough project that there'll be some release-worthy items every cycle and that people don't just submit shit for release no matter what state it's in. There's a lot less drama about who is important and can rush patches and delay releases if the answer is no, you can't. Only bugfixes during RC, if your code breaks shit or needs major rework you're bumped to the next version. If you don't have a person with balls managing that your releases will suck, but if you can't stand up to the developers it'll probably suck on a rolling basis too.

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