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Comment: Re:The Pirate Bay (Score 1) 301

by waynemcdougall (#48606755) Attached to: The Pirate Bay Responds To Raid

Copyright is an exchange. The government protects content, for a limited time, in exchange for the "owner" releasing it into the public domain.

This is incorrect. You are right that copyright is an exchange, but the default case is that ideas, songs, poems, art, etc are in the public domain, on their creation. That's been true for millenia.

The exchange that copyright provides is to delay the natural transfer into the public domain, giving the copyright owner a limited-time government enforced monopoloy on the copying of the creative work.

The benefit that society is to receive for this limited time concession, is that it should encourage the production of more creative works.

Society doesn't get immediate public-domain access to creative works, but there are more creative works being produced.

Comment: Re:Why is everyone claiming Bitcoin is anonymous? (Score 5, Funny) 216

by waynemcdougall (#45997177) Attached to: Porn Will Be Bitcoin's Killer App

Several years ago, a friend of mine worked in Iraq doing computer forensics on computers taken from Islamic whack jobs. One of his jobs was to watch all the porn videos looking for other video that might have been embedded in it.

My wife would kill me if she caught me watching steganography.

Comment: Re:Metlink IRP (Score 5, Insightful) 287

He has not yet been arrested and Metlink were simply following their IRP for a security breach which doesn't discriminate based on intent.

No. This is simply wrong. If "Metlink were simply following their IRP" then they would have started investigating and taking action last month when their gaping security violation was first reported.

Instead they did nothing until exposure of their incompetence was threatened by mainstream media.

Comment: As per the contract (Score 4, Funny) 291

by waynemcdougall (#45764983) Attached to: RSA Flatly Denies That It Weakened Crypto For NSA Money

17. RSA agrees that should the existence of this contract, the general nature of the agreements made herein, or the relationship bewtern the RSA and NSA be made public then the RSA shall, with due expediency, issue the following denial: "we have never entered into any contract or engaged in any project with the intention of weakening RSA's products, or introducing potential 'backdoors' into our products for anyone's use."

Comment: Re:Military propaganda movie for home consumption (Score 1) 726

Yup, I only saw it once, in the theatre. I addressed your point about the rock attack above. Guess it was tl:dr

The planet looked like a bug native home to me. But even if the movie "told us" the bugs had invaded - well it is Earth propaganda. They would say that. You can't trust any of it.

It's like the commercials inside the Robicop movie, except the whole of Starships Trooper is an advertisement. For the military government.

Comment: Re:Military propaganda movie for home consumption (Score 1) 726

Oh yes. The bug quarantine zone. Where you are not authorised to go

For your own safety of course. There are no human controlled mass-drivers here. No siree.

You can trust Earth-mil-gov. We are your friends.

(Cf the radiation zone in Oblivion)

Comment: Military propaganda movie for home consumption (Score 5, Insightful) 726

You cannot understand the Starship Troopers movie until you realise it is all a propaganda piece.

If you think the Bugs are a threat, you have missed everything.

To understand the movie Starship Troopers it is crucial that you realise the _entire_ movie is propaganda for the Earth's military government. It is clear at the start, and the finish, but it never stops being that a propaganda show.
So nothing can be accepted at face value. Here's what we know:

1. Earth is under control of a military government (a junta)
2. Life is tough: food is rationed, the world is overpopulated
3. You can't have children (or vote) without serving in the military
4. There are dissidents / rebels / those who oppose the one-world order

To keep the population under control, the military leaders need a war. The population will accept hardships, and the excess population can be whittled down. People can be kept busy with work creating disposable goods (bombs, spaceships, uniforms), so they don't have time to think or rebel.

The Bugs are not a threat to humans. They defend themselves. They have no space flight capability. They have no means of attacking Earth. They are a manufactured threat.

Their purpose is to kill as many young people as possible. Young people are a threat to the established order (notice how _old_ the military leaders are). That is why the military strategy is so stupid. The purpose is to get people killed. Population control.

And then grieving relatives at home will continue to support the war.

Because the carnage is so great, people get promoted very quickly. Ignorant, naive young things in command, who will just follow orders.

Finally, we have the giant rocks hurled onto Earth. Bugs? Nah. That's the Earth government. Notice how the rock impacted _directly_ on to the area that was rising up against the military government on Earth?

Multiple birds killed with one (big) stone. Dissidents: vaporised. Support for war: raised amongst survivors. Population: culled. GDP boost: keep people busy rebuilding infrastructure

And THAT'S why the female 'heroine' got such a bollocking for changing course without orders. They nearly got in the way of the rock, and the ship sensors could (did!) log the source. Not the bugs. Humans.

So the sequel is the three friends: one a grunt, one an office, one an 'intellectual'. The first two miraculously survive to figure out what is really going on, go to scientist friend, who betrays them. They go on the run. Carbonite may be involved.

But in the third part, the scientist turns out to be working for them on the inside. he had to betray them to save them. But he's been collecting enough info to blow the whole conspiracy wide open.

And together the three of them overthrow the junta, bring peace and democracy, and an uneasy truce with the bugs. Maybe start some colonies. They all live happily ever after.

(Until the Bell Riots)

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