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Comment Re:who needs re-entry? (Score 1) 126

unless you don't need to re-enter or hit a specific target. let's say you just want to get something high over the continental US and detonate it.

something that creates a nice EMP.

They have a ways to go before they can create an EMP-capable nuclear weapon.

And, EMP threat is not what fiction tells you it is.

Comment Re:Timing and frequency (Score 1) 148

They would just post a thread to ask that. People are offering up solutions. Desperate to have a solution even. As a user, I don't want the content to go away, but on the other hand, I am not tolerating asshole ads either. If someone can take the asshole part out and find a happy medium then I wouldn't complain about it.

Comment Re:Too Bad (Score 1) 148

At least it's not Expert Sex Change links where people have a similar problem and people post answers, but you can't see them because you don't pay for their service. Those days were the worst.

You are right, site-scrapers are annoying as hell. I don't get why the search engines don't completely blacklist them. They must not ever use their own search tools to solve problems.

Experts Exchange is easy to beat. Just scroll down past the ads and junk on the page and the actual conversation is there.

Comment Re: Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 107

Just be professional about it. Tell him that there seems to be a mix of personal and company data, and to please separate the two and transfer any business relevant data to the server where it belongs. Personal data can to stored to an external drive or we can wipe it along with the rest of the internal drive.

Let them sort it out. Only they know what's what among all that data. There's no need to be involved in the sorting process.

The sorting process might be quite arduous though, with lots of 10 minute breaks in it and all...

Comment Re:Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 107

Migrations often bring a lot of this out of the woodwork. You can tell users to clean up their machines before migration till you're blue in the face but you'll still get the uncomfortable moment when the 80Gb of "essential company data" they need transferred from their old laptop has filenames like "Busty Betty bonks like an animal"... Though as IT staff we're not immune to this either - I've seen someone asked to hand in their resignation by the end of the day because someone else borrowed their flash drive to transfer customer data and it turned out to be full of pr0n... which Windows helpfully popped up thumbnails of right in front of said customer...

This is why my porn is all encrypted. ;)

Mostly our problem is telling people MP3s shouldn't be copied onto the network.

I got a 1 terabyte hard drive from a (very snotty in general, a pile of self-important turds if I ever saw one) customer once that wanted their VM copied onto it so they could host it elsewhere. We were happy to see them go. Instead of buying a hard drive for couple hundred, the dude used his personal drive full of pirated movies. Of course, we copied all of them and tucked his VM on the drive and sent it back. No porn, unfortunately. But weeks worth of BitTorrents...

This was their IT guy.

Instructions came with "DONT DELETE ANYTHING". Which means, they couldn't afford a new drive to use, and the IT guy didn't know how to make his own backups. We offered to buy them a drive and just copy the VM onto it and ship it. With two way shipping costs... a new drive would have been better.

I never mix personal equipment with work equipment to help prevent that stuff from happening. "Sorry, go to walgreens and get a thumb drive" (while looking at a pile of my personal drives sitting on my desk.)

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 316

When your "balance" means giving things to people who haven't earned it, then it has no place in business nor politics.

Nobody who wants to get something done as their top priority, cares what race or sex the people are who do it. And seriously, you don't think that if one sex or one race did the same stuff for cheaper, that they wouldn't have somehow filled the ranks already? Do you really think people are more racist than they are greedy?

Sorry, the one causing problems here is you. Go smoke some more pot.

Comment Re:Managers are dumbasses (Score 1) 107

When it is mixed in with a steady stream of "I didn't do anything and now it's infected" and "Did you get the email about the email server being down?" , disgusting keyboards that don't work anymore, demands for more optical mice because the kids got new computers or whatever else...

this kind of stuff doesn't stand out so much.

Comment Re:Incognito mode. (Score 1) 600

Why would you trust them?

There is literally no down side for them to drop the reasons for the trust.

Maybe with a contract, and an escrow account wired pays into, that pays me every time I have to un-fuck a computer that got infected from their web site... at my sole discretion of course.

They can say they will be vetting adds all they want. They won't. It'll be the first thing dropped when someone gets busy or they start needing money.

Comment Re:Oops (Score 1) 600

Fourth option: have lightweight unobtrusive ads.

I only started using ad-blocker when ads became a draw on performance.

What motivated me was constantly fixing my friend's and families' computers.

Every social gathering "hey, can you look at" "I get these pop ups" etc.

I started using one of the popular HOSTS file data sets (not THAT one) and all of a sudden, it was only occasionally someone would get some crap installed.

Naturally, I used the file myself.

I would add or remove items if they provided the hostname they use, and it was unique to them. If slashdot wants to make "" point to some ad network server I would let it happen. Use doubleclick or any of the other evil ones, and they will be blocked.

I will NOT disable ALL ad blocking to use any site.

I don't give a fuck if they go out of business or not, the sooner they realize this the sooner they work on the problem in a way they can actually solve.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 5, Insightful) 600

I suggest they host the ads as first-party, no Javascript, static images/ text links on their actual domain. One would pretty much have to write an AI to block them, and there would be little reason to try.

There are large technical problems with that.

The ad providers don't trust the content producers not to fleece them. How are they going to know? And how are they going go back to the widget seller and prove the ad was seen and worked?

Those are all technically, unsolved problems still.

On the other hand, the fact the ad networks think everybody is a shyster that will rip them off sort of demonstrates they are shysters themselves... everybody thinks others are just like them.

Comment Re:If only (Score 1) 50

... and by the way, do dogs howl in different languages?

Probably; it's pretty easy to pick out differences in intonation/cadence/etc. if you've ever heard two different breeds of dog try to howl at the same time. Of course, then there's 'husky bitching', which as far as I've seen is unique to that breed. At least, I have yet to encounter another breed of dog that will sit down and start grumble-barking a soliloquy for no apparent reason and for minutes on end...

I have seen Boxers do that too. In that case, apparently to complain or express displeasure.

Comment Re:No speed limits as well... (Score 3, Insightful) 574

Speed limits (and some other types of rules) are to enforce safety on what some of the outliers do.

"Regular people" who are just trying to get somewhere do generally act safely, and for the most part adjust. (Though there are exceptions.)

The problem is the rules are for the people that don't adjust, they don't think anything will happen, or they aren't wise enough to realize what the consequences are.

Removing the rules, subjects the "ordinary people" to the mistakes of the outliers to a much greater degree.

If you haven't ever done this, go over to Youtube and search for "car crash" videos and enjoy a couple hours of soviets and other former eastern bloc countries slaughtering each other on the roads. Then about half way through, notice the body parts ones, kid gets dragged ones, etc. aren't posted because that sort of stuff is illegal there (the videos of it) and against Youtube TOS. The really bad shit, they won't show you. In almost all the videos, you'll see normal people and then some dumbass outlier who thinks there are no rules causing problems.

You are signing us all up for that bullshit with your hairbrained plan.

Rules are not for rules followers, rules are for people who will try to break the rules. Misplaced faith in those people to "be better" punishes us all.

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